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Still kicking up dust and pork chop day

The city is still working on replacing the cobble stones on Coconut drive and the dirt road detour is still in effect. As a result we are still kicking up major dust and I am sure many of us would not mind some rain to clean things up a bit. The good news the Town Board opened up one of the roads further so now we have 2 options instead of one. When you turn left at the alley beside the orange store instead of going to the end and turning right on Seagrape Drive, you now have the option to take the newly opened up road that will lead you right to Saga Humane Society. From there you can continue on the back road or turn off onto the main road and head for town.

Don’t forget it is Sunday so head on down to the beach at Banyan Bay and support the San Pedro Sailing Club, sailing begins at 9:00am and Charity Beach Barbecue at 11:30. Check  out a pic from last week of the chops for their Sunday Barbecue on the Ambergris Caye message board. Remember one of the 4 easy ways you can support the San Pedro Sailing Club and have fun doing it –  Liking the San Pedro Sailing Club Facebook page. We are also organizing a group of us to fly to the first Placencia sailing regatta next weekend, anyone  interested just email me or leave comment and I will get you details. Watch for upcoming #traveltuesday post about my Belize City shopping adventures with Commodore Andy to find some deals for the sailing club barbecues. We totally scored at Food and Beverage and Smiling Meats and I have a new favorite Belize City Taxi guy whose info I will share. I will also be including a reader review on a well known luxury resort in Belize.

san pedro belize
New part of detour. Notice the big dust cloud.
belize roads
Back road was opened up and now leads directly to Saga Humane Society
belize pictures
4 friends traveling the back road
tropic cargo
Private plane near Tropic Cargo and the hanger
belize beach picture downtown san pedro
Kids playing on the beach

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