” It Works”

CG Esthetic has a new products and service ,  called  ” IT WORKS” made with Natural herbs. It  helps you lose inches by tightening, toning and firming your skin. You can use It works wraps on any part of your  body. Carole will be doing a  will have a demonstration on Monday at 6 at her shop located in Fairdale Plaza on Coconut Drive.

For more information on the product go to CG Esthetic facebook page, CG Esthetic website and It Works website.

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It Works Demonstration Monday 6:00pm at CG Esthetic
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San Pedro Sailing Club Barbecue yesterday was super yummy, the pork chops from Smiling meats in Belize city were a hit. We were only planning to go for a short time but when we got there the kids were still racing, lots of our friends were there and we ended up hanging out enjoying the beach.  Everyone agrees the new clubhouse  at Banyan Bay is the perfect spot for the sailing club.


3 thoughts on “” It Works”

  1. tacogirl says:

    And here I keep trying to add more calories 🙂 Did Belizean Fudge ice cream on a sugar cone followed by a Homer Simpson burger from the park which was fully loaded with bacon, a hot dog cheese and all the toppings. Came home and at chocolate peanut butter cups. YUM

  2. Dr Al says:

    Charlotte: Actually you burn more calories in cold climates. 90 minutes of cross country skiing at -10C blows off 1140 calories. In a hot humid climate doing anything more strenuous than breathing can lead to hyperthermia seizures and then cardiac arrest.So as a preventative lying around elbow bending ( max. allowable exertion= 10 cal/hr) to enable drinking beer and cold foofy drinks adds 600 cal/day to your diet. Just sayin’

  3. Charlotte says:

    I can’t imagine being overweight or needing to lose fat in BZE. After walking in that heat for a few hours, I drop down two dress sizes.

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