4 easy ways you can support the San Pedro Sailing club and have fun doing it

The San Pedro Sailing Club is a very worthwhile cause that can use your support. Commodore Andrew Milner identified a need to give the island kids an activity that builds confidence, life skills and offers job potential down the road. The kids also develop a great sense of teamwork. Since it’s start the sailing club has done amazing work teaching the kids to sail and raising money to keep the program running. At mainland Regattas the San Pedro crew have come out big winners on many occasions. Many of these kids are come from disadvantaged home and would not otherwise be able to afford such a wonderful opportunity.

Here are 4 easy ways you can support the San Pedro Sailing club and have fun doing it. Go Team 🙂

1.  Join San Pedro Sailing Club facebook page. super easy and totally free. You will get updates on how the kids are progressing, Sunday barbecues, the latest cool prizes they are raffeling off to raise money and where the next Regatta is.

2. Play Bingo,  super fun and very easy unless you have too many watermelon shots:) It costs a little more that the first option at $2 a card but well worth it. The third Wednesday of every month Feliz bar and Grill donates a good portion of the proceeds from Bingo to The San Pedro Sailing Club. Feliz also does bingo days for Saga Humane Society first week of every month and the San Pedro Belize Red Cross second week of every month. Feel free to bring Kevin dry erase markers when you go play, they can always use more for weekly bingo as they dry out fast.

3.  Eating delicious barbecue, reasonably priced, super easy, super fun. Why because you don’t have to cook, there are lots of regulars that enjoy hanging out at the beach, eating Walters barbecue and watching the kids sail. San Pedro Sailing Club does weekly lunch barbecues every Sunday at Banyan Bay.

4. Very high on the fun scale go to any of the San Pedro Sailing Club Regatta’s. What could be more fun than flying around Belize which is totally easy and cheering the San Pedro Sailing club kids on as they win races. The memories will be priceless.

I will leave you with their 2013 Regatta schedule. Who wants to fly to Placencia at the end of the May? We have already started planning our regatta adventure.

February 9th Buttonwood Bay, Belize City
March 10th Baron Bliss Harbour Regatta, Belize City
April 27th Honey Camp Lagoon Regatta, Corozal
May 26th Placencia
June 22nd San Pedro Regatta
September 1st BZSA Regatta, Belize City
October 13th Corozal Bay Regatta
December 14/15th National Championship Belize City


4 thoughts on “4 easy ways you can support the San Pedro Sailing club and have fun doing it

  1. tacogirl says:

    I am ready, get your butt down here and we will lol Planning to do the Regatta in Placencia and possibly bingo Wed depends on how long my meeting lasts.

  2. Maureen says:

    Well, I have done number 1 but now I WANT to play Bingo at Feliz, eat Walter’s BBQ (or whatever he cooks) AND fly around Belize. These are now all on my next to do list. I’ve seen these sailors and it’s amazing how great this is for them. The smiles on the faces of sailors and parents are wonderful!

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