It was a Double D on our morning adventure tour

by tacogirl
interesting cloud pictures

Double D stands for Damn Dusty and that how it has been the past while on the Island. It has gotten to the point that some people are wearing bandanas as dust masks. I am sure partly why my sore throat has been so hard to shake, it did not stop me from wanting to do another early morning joyride.

Late last night as I was finishing up yesterdays blog post, I got texting Dick to set our wake up time for today’s Sunrise drive. We both agreed 4:30 alarm, out the door at 4:45, park at Banana Beach and head to our favorite big dock to photograph the sunrise. Zac decided to join us for the first part of our morning adventure tour. The sunrise was well worth getting up for, lots of cloud interesting action and steaming rays.

Next came a good drive around the island taking the beach road up to the bridge then driving down the lagoon side and through San Pedrito. After a short pit stop at Dicks place to refuel we headed south to the Port Authority to make sure everything went on with Georges boat that Dick was having decommissioned. It turned out to be a done deal and our joy ride was coming to an end, after touring Captain Sharks boatyard and a stop for coffee, milk and fresh chicken we headed for home.

FYI – Maya Island Air Golf Tour on Caye Chapel write up and pics coming on  #TravelTuesday, I am still editing pics and thinking about what I want to write on our awesome awesome experience there.

P.S. my tech guy has been working on fixing light box for photo galley thanks Gail and Erin for letting me know it was not working correctly.

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Dr Al May 11, 2013 - 8:08 am

Ok it’s fixed now. ..You’re welcome.BTW Old MacDonald was dyslexic… E I O I E
halt wolken is German for holding up clouds. houdt wolken is Dutch. No holdung. Just sayin’

tacogirl May 11, 2013 - 9:58 am

Lol at Old MacDonald. Richard Branson also dyslexic 🙂 My fav joke – 2 dyslexic walk into a bank to pull a robbery and shout out ‘air in the hands mother stickers this is a fuck up’

Dr Al May 11, 2013 - 4:44 am

There is a pic that says “holdung clouds”. I thought this was German for some cloud depiction or type but there is no German or Dutch word “holdung”. Please clarify TY

tacogirl May 11, 2013 - 8:32 am

Dr Al I thought you could read typonese by now after following my blog for so long 🙂 Thanks for catching that.


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