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Homestyle Cooking at a Great Price and Whats New Around Town

What a busy day, it started with a sunrise drive with Dick at 5:00am and then we split up for a couple of hours and regrouped for an errand run to town.  While there we hit 3 banks paid a parking ticket checked 4 stores for a camera to computer chord and stopped off at BEL to make sure they knew about the power pole that had been run across from the Belize Medical School. It is hazardous looking especially since that road is now highly trafficed due to it being a detour because they are still fixing the road after broken water main on coconut drive.

All that running around made us hungry so I suggested we check out what the days lunch was at Denny’s Donuts and Truck stop. It turned out to be chicken fried Steak so I decided to treat Dick , Paul, and Cowboy Doug  to lunch. Dick and I grabbed a glazed doughnut and I paid for lunches and told the girls we would be back to eat ours at noon when they opened and that Cowboy and Paul would work out when they wanted to get theirs. It was delicious Dulce Wolfe is a great cook and at $10 a meal you cannot go wrong for a delicious home cooked lunch.

In addition to pics of our errand run and lunch, I added a couple of the new office space going up by San Pedro Hardware and the tropical HGTV makeover of the building in the side street across from Belize Bank.

san pedro town
New office building going up by SP Hardware
belize construction
Looking at construction view from gas station
san pedro belize
Hazardous power pole by Pedro’s Hotel and the Medical School
downtown san pedro
Building makeover on the side across from Belize Bank
belize lobster season
Getting ready for Lobster Season
san pedro town
Driving down Middle Street
san pedro town
Detour still in effect where they are fixing the road from broken water main
belize restaurants
Denny’s Truck Stop kitchen was busy for chicken fried Steak day
san pedro restaurants
Fresh bread, chocolate, cinnamon sugar and glazed donuts
ambergris caye restaurants
Chicken fired steak with a fried egg on top – YUM and a great value for $10 BZD
tropic cargo belize
Last errand of the day picking up my Sol Farms Veggies at Tropic Air Cargo
tropic cargo san pedro belize
Dick and the box of Veggies in Darth Vader aka Zac’s Cart

4 thoughts on “Homestyle Cooking at a Great Price and Whats New Around Town

  1. Homero says:

    Thanks Tacogirl, I just did that. Thanks for the great info! I didn’t know about Greg and Sol Farms previously.

  2. Homero says:

    Hi Tacogirl, this might be a topic for another post, but can you tell us a little more about your veggies from Sol Farms? I’m guessing the farm is on the mainland, and they send you a box every week or so? Where can we find out more?

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