San Pedro Branch Belize Red Cross Update and Carolines Kitchen new location

Yesterday Anthony Philip and I went on Reef Radio and TV’s morning show with David Marin to talk about what the San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross has been doing and give updates on the First Aid Program. One of the exciting things SPBRC has been working on is to get an emergency warning siren system for the island. We recognize a need to be able to reach a large portion of the community in a short amount of time should we ever need to. Thanks to Stacy from the Phoenix Resort we have also been networking with an Ambulance person and seeing how we can assist him in getting a service up and running on the island. David made us all feel very welcome, he sees a need for more first aid on the island and he is going to ask Tropic to send him to the May class. At the end of the show the Mayor sent David a text asking him to congratulate everyone on the great job we are doing with the First Aid Program and those participating.

The next Certified First Aid Course is going to be hosted by Las Terrazas Resort and it will be held at Seascape Villa’s on May 3oth so far La Perla is sending Four people and Playa Blanca two. You can get full details on  AmbergrisCaye.Com Message Board and regular updates.  I am pretty sure The Phoenix and Victoria House will be sending staff as well, they both have 15 trained staff on hand at their resorts now and have been sending staff to every training. Both resorts also have staff trained to use their Lifepak 500 Defibrillators, so does SACNW  – Fantastic.   Thanks goes out to all the other Ambergris Caye businesses who have stepped up to join the program, host a course and get staff certified, please see First Aid Program page to get the list of all participating businesses. You will also find more information on all participating businesses including links to their websites and Facebook pages.

After TV and popping in snap a few pics of our potential new Office space and training center, I decided to stop by Caroline’s kitchen snap a few pictures for you and at her new place across from Tropic Air.  I am so glad that spot opened up for her it is the perfect place and I know she will do well there. Caroline was happy to show me around and tell  me all about the improvements they made to the space and how she is planning to help support local musicians and have live music twice a week.

In honor of World Red Cross day I hope you will join us for another fun night of Feliz Bingo in support of San Pedro Red Cross 4:00pm today. All funds raised will go directly to San Pedro Red Cross First Aid Program. Please go to Feliz facebook page to count yourself in on the official invite, even if you cannot attend or are not in the country we welcome the show of support by liking Feliz page and clicking yes you will attend and be there in spirit in support of San Pedro branch of the Belize Red Cross. If all goes well with internet I will do a live stream on taco cam so you can all  be there even if you can’t 🙂 Watch for update on facebook page around 4pm to see if I are able to go live

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