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She Came to Belize for a Wedding and Stayed to Volunteer

Hi, my name is Caroline. I came to Belize for a wedding, stayed to volunteer with Central Americas only manatee rehabilitation center (which also happens to have Belize’s only monkey rehabilitation center) and now have come to San Pedro to raise funds to help pay for the increasing food costs for each manatee (2) and monkey (25). Each species is endangered (West Indian Manatee, Spider and Howler Monkeys). It is on the Corozal Bay.

I would like to invite you to join us for an information talk on Friday night at Wayo’s Beach Bar at 5:00pm (tonight). The organization runs entirely on volunteers. Right now we have about 13 volunteers who live at the center for between 1-4 months working for free from 6am – 7pm each day. The food costs are tough to meet each month, some come from volunteer donations, and the founders do there best to make ends meet.

All small and large donations make a difference. The website is at Wildtracks Belize (it is still developing).


belize animals
Wildtracks Primate Care Center

My dream tacogirl would be to have the families and business support a full year of the cost of care for one manatee. That would mean 12 individual businesses or families each selecting one month of the year where they cover the $900 (bz) or $450 (US) cost of care for that month. I’m happy to answer any questions anytime. Caroline.

manatee rehabilitation center
Wildtracks Manatee Rehabilitation Center

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