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Belize in Love


If you have come down to crunch time and are still wondering what to do for Valentines this post has you covered. Lara Goldman of Romantic Travel Belize and Rosie Syme from Glow Belize make great handmade Island Style crafts that are perfect for Valentines day. You can even do one stop shopping and find both at Belizean Melody Art Galley on front street. Glow candles are also available at San Pedro Books located upstairs in Vilma Linda plaza.

Lara tells a bit about how she came to start making her one of a kind island style romantic crafts.

I used to be a crafter when I lived in the states, and had a whole room dedicated to just crafting, sewing, and home DIY projects.  I knew I missed doing “something” with my spare time that was creative and useful, but without a craft store, magazine stand or other inspirational add-ons here in Belize, I just never got started.  Then one day I went on pinterest.com, I saw a ‘drift wood mirror’ and I thought – I could do that here!

So, I went to Caye Supplies, and low and behold…they had a HUGE selection of crafting items!(I could NOT believe they had so much!…almost all of it’s gone, and lord knows when they’ll get more, glad I totally stocked up!)

Using found or discarded items like old picture frames, mahogany wood scraps I like to “Up-Purpose” these items into beautiful, one of a kind items that can be used for many purposes, but most of all, will remind someone of their time in Belize.  Each piece is hand made with local shells, coral bits, and baubles from my personal Vintage Jewelry collection.  Picture frames can be used as table markers for a wedding, special announcements or anything else.  The Boards are the most versatile, and I’m also making some using chalk board paint (I LOVE these…great to announce your signature cocktail, leave a message for your guests, or use as a picture frame).

The wreaths are also very useful.  Not only can they hang on the wall, but you can mount an 8″ round mirror behind it for the wall as well.  Or, use the mirror as a base, and use as a candle stand.  How about for your unity candle or ‘sand pour’ ceremony.  Just cute, useful, and one of a kind.

romantic travel belize

Belize in Love

island style weddings shell boquet

Shell bouquet

island style decor Shell and vintage jewellery picture frame

Shell and vintage jewellery picture frame

island style decorating

Shell and vintage jewellery wreath

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Glow Belize handmade candles are made from all natural soy wax poured straight into a conch shell, coconut or bamboo base. They come in a range of different fragrances and can even be colored. The bamboo comes in two forms; the weathered type which is hand-picked off the San Pedro beaches, and the fresh bamboo which is brought in from the mainland Belize.

These candles make perfect gifts and are great as decorations.

Fragrances: lavender, island nectar, citronella, coconut-lime, coconut, cranberry-citrus, watermelon, pina colada, cucumber-melon, french vanilla, vanilla and amber, ocean, lemongrass, orange, Caribbean breeze.

Available products: Coconut Candles, Bamboo Candles, Bamboo Tealight Holders, Conch Shell Candles, Tealights

Glow Belize facebook page 

handmade candles

Bamboo candles

Coconut shell candles made in belize

Coconut shell candles

best smelling candles made in belize

Bamboo candles



  1. Maureen February 18, 2013

    Lara has so much creativity!! Her handcrafts are gorgeous, the pictures are great but in hand they are truly even more beautiful.

  2. Emily February 14, 2013

    Some people (not me!) are so creative! All these gifts are lovely and things I would never think to make. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Charlotte February 14, 2013

    Beautiful. I love the bamboo candles.


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