Carnaval Comparsas and Panted People

by tacogirl
Belize celebrations

Last night Dennis and I decided we needed more Eileen time after crashing her table at Estel’s for brunch so we headed to DandE’s for some of that delicious frozen custard. I decided on mint chocolate chip and a hot fudge bulls eye with a sugar cone. He opted for a cup with 2 scoops, chocolate and rum raisin with special gravy.

I brought my camera along as I wanted to get some pictures of the Carnival party and people painting. It was late enough that we were safe from being painted and egged.

Carnaval is definitely an event to put on your Belize celebration bucket list, this annual event happens on the week before Ash Wednesday. It is a colorful, fun time, for some too colorful as the kids honor the tradition of painting each other and the town. For the most part if you don’t want to be painted you’ll be left alone, but it does not hurt to wear old clothes that night just in case.

This year Carnaval 2013 is running for 5 days, last night in addition to painted people, we caught the  Carnival Comparsas dancing around town in their colorful costumes raising money for good causes. We were not sure if or what the first group we saw was raising money for, the second set of dancers was the San Pedro Aids Commission and we gave a donation – very worthy cause.

carnaval belize

Happily painted

carnival comparsas downtoan san pedro

Carnival Comparsas

belize women pictures

Painted mother and daughter

Carnival Comparsas san pedrro town

Carnival Comparsas on middle street

 belize people pictures

Purple painted boy

painted kids for carnaval downtown san pedro

Painted kids in Central Park

carnaval belize

Unpainted girl playing in a painted world

street food downtown san pedro

Taco time

what to do in belize

Painted boys in the park

belize photos images

Painted people

belize pictures

Look at the size of those…

best frozen custard

Full house at DandE’s frozen custard

what to do in belize

Carnival Comparsas raising money for the San Pedro Aids Commission

carnaval belize

Dog on the roof of Juvnies watching the Carnival Comparsas

belize celebration

San Pedro Aids Commission Carnival Comparsas

carnaval belize

A gorgeous looking Felix and very happy Bull

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Nina Kumar February 12, 2013 - 9:16 am

Looks like you had quite a show! And you never realize someone is present when your are being goofy lol(: It always happens to me.

tacogirl February 12, 2013 - 9:42 am

So true Nina, it was funny because I suddenly noticed the music and realized someone was in there. At the same time Dennis who was around the corner posing beside mannequin saw the girl behind the counter laughing at us 🙂

Charlotte February 11, 2013 - 8:57 pm

Looks like fun. Why was a shirtless mannequin in that window?

tacogirl February 12, 2013 - 7:55 am

They were changing the display Charlotte. Dennis and I were goofing around taking funny pictures with the well endowed mannequin and we both realized there was someone working in the store after hours laughing at us.


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