San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Real World Cancun

5 blog posts to get done today – hopefully.

Finished the School GraduationChanges in Latitudes donation breakfast and  lobsterfest 2009 block party -this one and Sundays are still works in progress.

FYI… for all you real world fans Real World Cancun starts tonight – 10:00 PM ET/PT on MTV. I can’t wait to see what the set looks like – bling bling. I am sure Real World Cast will be sporting some wicked bikini / board shorts bodies – I can tell by their cast bio pics ha ha. Good motivation for aquafit class to keep me working on my young 41 ha ha. (Soon as the show came on I promptly fell asleep on the couch ha ha)

Going for a swim while snorkel and parasailing pictures upload – 45 pics may take a bit and that is just getting them into a wordpress gallery then I have to add them one by one to Sunday’s post.

p.s. To any friends and family of Carole her email and msn is messed up some how and she has not bean able to get your emails or log onto chat. Thye are trying to fix it asap.

San Pedro Belize

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