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Little things

While at the pool today I got to thinking about what I could make for dinner – figures I would be thinking about food while exercising.

Suddenly I remembered we have an oven now after almost a year without one at the big green house. That made my decision easy – chicken wings. Often little things that we take for granted every day are  worth remembering and being thankful for.

Ok I know I just finished spouting off about being grateful we have a working oven – well I went to fire it up and realized there is no temperature numbers on the dial so we totally have to wing it. Paul called Cindy to ask her advice as she had the same stove at her old place. She said it was either blazing inferno or off – this could get interesting.

I started out a bit higher and although I have no idea what temp it was I could tell it was hotter than 350 as the chicken wings looked like they were cooking fast so I turned it down a bit and made a blue sharpie line to help us remember where to set the dial for next time.

Yippee they are spraying for bugs – I never thought I would have a good association with cat pee smell but what ever they use really helps with skeeters. A good trick I use to help keep them away from our door is to spray the screen with bug spray during the mosquito hour it does help.

Some good news from the Holy Cross regarding the outcome decided upon by the Magistrate in Belize City  for the teacher who had had problems with her ex. You can read all about it on the school blog.

Tip: If you use a hotmail and or msn messenger (probably yahoo as well) make sure to copy down your account settings and add an alternate email in case you get shut out for some reason like Carole did. Paul said if she had that info it would have made it easier to work with them to fix the problem.

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6 thoughts on “Little things

  1. tacogirl says:

    Too funny Gail and much appreciated to both of you. With the temp as hot as it is I think we will be playing with the pool more than the oven ha ha. I did tell Paul that the oven will come in handy next time we have a cold front – we can cook up a storm and get warmed up at the same time. Now can anyone make the skeeters go away??

  2. Gail Pencoff says:

    Great news Gela… I had sent an email asking my brother if he could pick on up for her but no idea whether that would happen or not. In the unlikely event he does get one, he can keep it for his oven.. which I would use sooner than he will.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Gela that’s great. They all had a good laugh at the pool when I asked if anyone has seen one here and said maybe caye supply but I did not have time to go there yesterday and look.

  4. Gela says:

    Hey Tacogirl – got you covered – was in Target today and picked up an oven thermometer for you. I’ll bring it by when I’m there in July (oops I rhymed :)) I used one im my oven and also my BBQ. Can’t trust calibration in ovens for sure. Ciao for now – Gela

  5. Gail Pencoff says:

    Another option for future ‘dates’ with the oven is to go to the hardware store and purchase an oven thermometer. Should only cost a couple bucks. Well worth the investment. I use one in my oven. Much more reliable than the old dials.

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