San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Catching up

Ugh I just realized I do not even have party pics up from Friday night at Pedro’s yet. Just finished editing yesterdays pool pics and am now doing our snorkeling shots from Sunday.

Pics will be going up randomly all day. Now that the Kinnons are back in Mexico and Michele has fast internet are starting to go up on Life’s a Beach.

DL Butterfly is also posting her latest San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009 Adventures and I know Island Life has their lobsterfest block party pics up and the Blog Fiesta Stuff Swap as well.

FYI… got our first hydro bill at the new place was $77.95 for 15 day span. We both thought that was not to bad considering we were running air con. The big green house used to cost about $170 or so monthly.

Managed to get pics up on 2 of 4 posts – Blog Fiesta kick off party and breakfast / pool party.

Class was really good today – since everyone was on the quiet side I found it very meditative and I could really focus in on the muscles I was using for any given exercise. Mike said he was noticing a difference from steady classes his back feels better and his abs are tighter.

We are all still not quite bounced back yet after the past week or so of action. Tonight we are all pooling our resources and doing a fish bbq. Colomojo and Tracy I have your fish marinating in a coconut curry sauce with peppers – zucchini – onions and potatoes. I ran out of coconut powder – I was just not feeling a walk to the store and I was texting Lara to get some on her way over but she knocked as I was in mid text. Luckily I had coconut  flakes to substitute with.

I promise lobsterfest pics are coming soon as well as parasailing and Sunday Jam.

Super Buy South

South Side Super Buy or Caye Supply (not sure which) coming soon

Adopt a cat Belize

Basil our time share cat

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