Changes in Latitudes Bed and Breakfast Belize

The madness has ended

We are all toast and trying to put the pieces back together as best we can. underneath our kitchen table looks like a party store exploded and I have way to many pictures to edit.

First things first though I am sweeping up a small sized sandbox out of our place and then it’s down on my knees to wash the floors. Will have to throw in another load of towels too – so thankful for Jeff buying Cindy a washer and Cindy letting us use it anytime (within reason lol) Once I have some kind of order restored then I will get to uploading pictures.

Breakfast at Changes in Latitudes was delicious as always – french and hot buttered rum syrup. They raised  $115 in donations for Holy Cross School.

In addition to that the Direct Abundance girls handed over $250 from the selling green beads at lobsterfest block party. They picked up a donation of 7 build a bears that made it to the Sunbreeze Hotel thanks to Mary Mooney who donated them and sent to TQ who got them to Jennifer to bring to us. Thanks also goes out to KC Jayhawks for their donation of a a digital camera and the Kinnon family for 6 big bottles of gummy bear vitamins.

Changes in Latitudes

Cathy and Michele

Changes in Latitudes

Joanne Jase and Heather

Changes in Latitudes

Maya Colette and Carbunkle crew

Changes in Latitudes


Changes in Latitudes

Adios girls have a good flight back to Canada

Changes in Latitudes Blue Hole

Blue Hole Game

Changes in Latitudes playing Blue Hole

Colette and Paul playing Blue Hole

San Pedro Firness Center Belize

Michele and I enjoying pina colada’s in the pool

Aquafit class San Pedro Belize

Enjoying aquafit

Aquafit class

Much needed after Lobsterfest weekend
Put Luck Party

Monel and Maureen bringing out the potluck

Adios Kinnons

Adios amigos

Pool side potluck party

Lasagna – salad fudge – brownies – smoked chicken and garlic bread – YUM

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