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Planning a Trip? Here’s why you Should be Headed to Belize

This morning I came across an article from the India Times – Planning a trip? Here’s why you should be headed to Belize. Aside from looking for information about Belize and what to do based on the title, it is always important to consider the source. Everything you read is not always fu chroo (true). In this case, the article stated that Kriol is the native language, which is partially true, but the fact that English is the official language is a reason why many people travel here. The author got it correct on the low-end price for rooms, (which is listed in Indian Rupee) but was a little off on the private villas. But that’s aarite (alright), being that it’s written by someone so far away that has likely never been here, I knew immediately to take it with a grain of salt 😀

Reading it was useful to me in the respect that it got me thinking and writing about personal feelings on places we travel to or choose to live in for whatever reason. 

The piece starts out saying “Not many people have heard of Belize.”

I have to disagree with that statement. While the country is still a very young 35 years old, it is definitely on people’s radar. Over the past 11 years, I have seen many people find this jewel and keep coming back or like myself move here. Most of them start telling friends to put it on travel to do list. As a result of gaining popularity and growing up as a country, I have also seen Ambergris Caye and the country as a whole change a lot.

My reason why it’s a good idea to travel in Belize now and as often as you can if you already love it – The country is very young and growing up fast. Life is ever changing and soon what is now, will be a little less. Often with growth comes a certain loss of charm that can never be replaced.

Personal example – My old neighborhood in downtown Toronto has vastly changed. My first thought on a past visit a few years back was that it had lost its charm. As I contemplated this, it occurred to me that if I turned up there today without past history I would fall in love all over again with the new version. I am sure it has even changed that much more since my last 2-week trip but I’m willing to bet it is still funky and cool. 

Thankfully the weather has been hot sunny and warm as I am gearing up to take a 4-day sailing adventure to a couple of different islands and then most of us will be flying home on Tropic Air. I will test location romance theory. I already know I will fall in love with the new ones (which you will learn about within 48h) and know the first visit will not be the last. I am also willing to bet that returning home to Ambergris Caye Island will rekindle a spark.  

Travel in Belize
Parades are one reason I fell in love with Belize and especially Ambergris Caye and the cute kids
Travel in Belize
Stunning views are another thing that captured my heart and many others 
Aerial view of san pero town
There is still a fair bit of old world charm as the country of Belize is only 35 years old (36 in Sept)

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