Move from Belize to Roatan

Helping a Friend Move from Belize to Roatan

Sometimes in life, you hit the jackpot when a friend asks you to help move. I know a few of you are raising your eyebrows and questioning how moving a friend could be a pay off beyond pizza and beer.

In this case, for about 15 of us who got invited to help our friend Kendall move, it means a two Catamaran convoy, four-day sailing trip including a serious ocean crossing.

Since decent weather conditions are key to an ocean crossing, we will head to Lighthouse Reef and play for a few days. I’m very excited for this as I will be tech-free and have already packed my frisbee’s, floats and twister.

When the timing is right, we will set sail for Roatan – with an overnight ocean crossing and arrival at Barefoot Caye Marina mid-afternoon on April 27th. I’m slightly nervous about the crossing and choppiness but preparing accordingly. Hopefully it will be no worse than a 6 or 7 out of 10.

Safe Travels

Basic Rules (yep…rules) for the ocean crossings – this is dangerous, people die on ocean crossings. If you fall overboard on the open sea you will be out of site in 2 ‘wave periods’ which is roughly 24 feet…or 5-10 seconds.

  • The Captain is ALWAYS right
  • Life vests will be worn AT ALL TIMES when in the cockpit during the crossings (from here to Lighthouse, Lighthouse to Roatan)
  • Access to the front will be determined by the Captain on crossings
  • Absolutely NO alcohol will be consumed during day of ocean crossing

those are the big ones…

First Aid at Sea

The boats have regular first aid kits but as a contribution to the trip I volunteered to make “feel good” first aid kits.
I was visiting Dr. Lerida recently and going over my list with her:

  • Dramamine
  • Ibuprophen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Re-hydration salts
  • Benadryl
  • Pain/muscle relaxant
  • Crazy Glue (fast stitches alternative)

I also added some “just in case bags” but strongly hoping none of us get seasick.

Once in Roatan

Once we arrive we will stay on the boat but will be considered guests of Barefoot Caye Resort and pay a fee (via Ecologic Adventure slip fee). As such we will have access to their very swanky amenities. I’m very excited for that.

Basic Costs

  • Food and miscellaneous $75 (I spent extra – getting tested for Celiac when I return and going gluten free)
  • Departure fee is $50 BZD (Residents and QRP have no charge)
  • Visitor visa in Roatan – $60 USD
  • Rough estimate of food – $150 USD person
  • Flight back via Tropic Air will be about $290 USD one way

Relaxation Before Travel

While I was finishing this piece and thinking about the million other things I need to do before leaving, I decided on a few minutes of calm before we hit the road.

The first video, Health Benefits of Sailing I shot on a Caye Caulker Day Sail, I caught an amazing variety of weather in my footage including a rainbow.

The second video was a good reminder of things to contemplate on while having fun with friends on an amazing adventure.

Sailing from Belize to Roatan
Move from Belize to Roatan
Coolest moving van ever ha ha
Move from Belize to Roatan
Chill out area
Move from Belize to Roatan
A past trip on Infinity
Move from Belize to Roatan
Sailing adventure
Belize to Roatan
Of course we will have a disco Sail (pic by Jason)

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