Solo Travel in Belize

Planning Solo Travel in Belize

Below is the first of two contributions by Canadian Sheila Couston. She came to me as a solo female traveler and wanted help with regards to safety. It made her feel so much better knowing there is a female who knows the area, giving her input.

In addition to some email advice, about feeling safe here as a single girl, I referred her to a couple of TripAdvisor Belize forum posts – Solo Travel is it safe on Ambergris Caye? Young Woman Traveling Belize Alone to Hopkins, Stann Creek Area.

Planning Solo Adventures in Belize

I am in Belize now and so excited to do this bucket list item and take a great solo adventure I’ve been dreaming of for some time. In writing this piece, I wanted to do what I can to help other women have this amazing adventure

Originally, I had not thought of Belize to be a place a single female solo adventurer with a tendency towards the safe side would travel. I have traveled to All-Inclusive or Hawaii on my own mainly. Then I heard my cousin who travels a fair amount, went to San Pedro, Belize and loved it. So I put it in the back of my thoughts of “one day”. However, “one day” was a concept that many say but rarely follow through on. I didn’t want to be one of those people at this time in my life. I was waiting for the right timing, the right traveling companion, excess funds, etc. to complete some bucket list items. I am now a young empty nester on my own and ready to take this next stage of my life with more gusto and enjoy each moment. I’ve wanted to travel somewhere that I could really enjoy the Mayan ruins and climb a pyramid as well as snorkel, enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, and enjoy the local people. I didn’t want as many restrictions now. So I started to research. The only way I enjoy traveling as a single woman is to do lots of research. It also adds so much more excitement and anticipation.

My biggest concern with regards to traveling alone would be feeling safe as well as finding just the right place to explore, take adventures, meet and greet, and relax by the water without any concerns. For me, research is the only way to travel as a single female. The more I know about where I am going, the best places to stay, drink, adventure, language, money, emergency situations, etc., the calmer I feel when I get there. The planning and worries are done before the trip. Then once I am there I can just relax. The more I researched Belize and especially San Pedro the more I realized this was just the right place for a single woman like myself. Adventure on the safe side. 🙂

Advice to any other solo female adventurers out there would be to just remain smart about your activities and be aware of what is around you and where you are. Research where you are thinking of going. TripAdvisor is a great site. Don’t keep lots of money on you. Don’t get drunk and stay out late. Be watchful. Think of what your priorities are before planning the trip and book accordingly. I didn’t want to be too far from town and I know what my priorities are (a balcony on the second floor so I can sit out in the middle of the night or early morning if I couldn’t sleep). Get advice from others that have gone, and if possible from those that live there now.

I can’t wait for my upcoming trip and will share more once I have completed it.

Solo Travel in Belize
Even if you travel to Belize alone it is easy to make friends

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