Caye Caulker Itinerary

One Day Caye Caulker Itinerary

Part of my job as a Belize blogger includes being a tinder tour guide. Rough work I know, but someone has got to do it 😀

Many tinder travelers swipe right to learn more about where they are going before they arrive. Others will swipe upon landing and be looking for tips from a “local” girl on where to go and what to do. Since it is my job to help people plan their Belize vacations, I never mind doing it for tinder travelers.

Once I ended up creating a short itinerary on the fly for a nice looking guy I matched (but never met). He was researching things to do on Caye Caulker for his friends and himself. Since the suggestions I gave him were a hit, I decided to share the info with you too.

One day Caye Caulker Itinerary

Our sister island is one of the popular Belize Cayes. Super cool, clean colorful with a laid-back tropical vibe – totally worth putting on your to-do list.

The beauty of this short fun itinerary is you can easily customize and fit most of it in on a day trip, I do recommend staying overnight though for the gold level experience. No matter how long you are there, consider it a fun travel game to check off as many fun options as you can in the most laid back and relaxed way. If you are staying on the island congratulations and smart decision. You can spread the itinerary out a bit with more time exploring additional places and be doing repeats on the activities you liked the best. After the following few pics, you will be ready to trade in your itinerary and book your Belize flights.

Caye Caulker Itinerary

In this case, the guy’s buddies had all gone snorkeling. He had decided to chill by himself and we got chatting. I advised him to do some quality peace and quiet in their hotel room while he had it to himself. Then go enjoy the colorful island with a walk to get a nice cold beverage and mini fried donuts from Ice and Beans.

After the boys regrouped, I recommended they ask someone where to feed the tarpon. Close to the split, on the back side of the island, there is a family that sells sardines and you can feed the tarpon. You hold a sardine over the water and the tarpon jump up to snatch it. It’s a great and very funny cheap thrill for $5 BZD.

Things to do on Caye Caulker

The next two activities I mentioned come as a good option after that previous bit of adventure. Stop at the Lazy Lizard: A Relaxing Beachside Bar on Caye Caulker and Koko King (now North Side Beach Club) on the other side of the split for some great tropical chill time with food and drink options.

North Side Beach Club is a couple of minute boat ride away and worth the trip to kick back and relax.

 Caye Caulker Itinerary

Last two things on the list I gave him…. First came ice cream both daytime and evening. Nothing like walking down an unpaved beach road on a cute colorful island and stopping for ice cream. The Creamery Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Shoppe orIsland Ice Cream & Deli are two of the best Caye Caulker Ice Cream places. Caye Caulkerites are friendly, so just ask. No matter where you are in town you are a stone’s throw away from the cool sweet treats.

Belize Cayes

You can also opt for delicious Gelato Italiano at Anna & Armando towards the split.

Caye Caulker Itinerary

And last but not least I always like to take a golf cart taxi around the island. Tell the driver you want to see interesting buildings and stuff and far ends of the island. This is also a good idea to pair that with the tarpon feeding as you can have him make that your last stop before you start your beach bar crawl.

Things to do on Caye Caulker

taco Tip #12

Always negotiate a price before you get your get @ss comfortable in a cab. It could help you avoid sticker shock after a relaxing ride. A decent tour should cost in $10 Belize Dollar range per person. Make sure to tip accordingly if your driver was a good guide and gave you some great photo or video ops.

Caye Caulker Airport Area

Even though Caye Caulker Runway Closure was still in effect at the time above happened, and I did not fly there, I had to include these pictures. It is part of the magic of Caye Caulker for me. I love the Tropic Air flight to and from that island. Want to see what it is like driving on the runway? Also included a good cheap food option, see – Jessie James Style Caye Caulker Adventure. Such a fun day, I got to show visiting friend parts of Caye Caulker she had never seen before. I love roads less traveled on that island.

Tropic Air Belize

I will leave you with a picture of flying over Caye Caulker on my way home to Ambergris Caye.

Flying in Belize

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