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Jesse James Style Caye Caulker Adventure

It was a hot sunny day and my Canadian travel buddy Eskimo Pie aka Cathy and I made it to the 10:00 am water taxi just in time. It was her last day in Belize so I wanted to plan a special getaway so I enlisted the help of my Caye Caulker correspondent B. Flood (Brad). 

He could not have done a more amazing job.

Every time I rewatched the following video while editing, I got transported right back to our fabulous day. From an exhilarating Jesse James start on the new runway to driving tropical roads less traveled and so much more – tons of great footage to choose from. You can guarantee there will be more #cayecaulkervideos coming. (Do not try this first bit.)

I chose to end with the clip of leisurely driving around town with Harvest Moon (by Neil Young) playing on my transistor radio. I picked it for the line “Because I’m still in love with you.” That pretty much sums up Caye Caulker for me, every time I go back I fall in love all over again. The concept of the Harvest Moon also had significance.

Much like the brightness of the moon assisting the farmers during harvest, the colors of Caye Caulker help in a different way. Their brightness transports you to a simpler way of life and being in the moment. There is no doubt in my mind that visiting this island and slowing down has definite health benefits. For 7 hours absolutely nothing else mattered. I felt highly exhilarated, deeply at peace and like my batteries were getting a much-needed recharge.

Magical Caye Caulker

I wanted to start off with a few pictures that show the peaceful and magical side of the island. As we did our golf cart tour, the three of us were lost in the moment and filled with a sense of peace and adventure. The rest of the world was a million miles away, which was my goal when I was planning the trip. Mission accomplished big time. It was definitely a spur of the moment Jesse James style thrill speeding down the new runway at the Caye Caulker Airport 😀 So was driving down the barge dock with barely enough room to turn around.

Caye Caulker Adventure

Caye Caulker Adventure

Caye Caulker Adventure

Of course, what would a road trip be without some snacks? Ice N Beans was my pick. They make a great “taco frappe” – blended iced coffee with chocolate and banana. Cathy had a blended green tea and mind drink – delicious. Of course, I was not leaving the shop without a bag of deep-fried donuts to share. After we all had our fill, we did a drive-by delivery to a boy walking down the road.

Caye Caulker Adventure

After enjoying seahorses we did this.

Belize Airports

I had such a great time driving to the outer edges of the island. Something many people do not know is that there are two fully off-grid communities on Caye Caulker. Eden Isle (west side) & South Point (east side). All property south of runway is off-grid & rain catchment for water. Our Jesse James thrill was getting there on a cart-width “London bridge”.

Solar Power Belize

A few random shots

Caye Caulker Day Trip

After our fantastic tour, we all agreed lunch was in order so we headed to Sip and Dip. Both Brad and I ordered El Pastor tacos on a corn tortilla and they were fantastic – I’m definitely going back for more. The price was $10 BZD for 3. Cathy opted for nachos, they looked good and she was happy.

Caye Caulker Restaurants

Next came some after lunch relaxation time and then we headed to catch the ferry to Koko King. It is free to go over and you just have to get a wristband or have a drink in your hand to show them you spent $10. You also do not have to pay your way back.

  • June 2022 Koko King is now known as the Northside Beach Club. 

This is a fun place where you get to be a big spender and buy your friends a drink at 3 for $10. The choices are rum & coke, gin tonic, vodka soda, panty rippa, or rum punch. They should add a drink called the swimsuit slayer. I am not saying it is true but it is possible if you are wearing a sexy suit you might get a good pour. 😉 Our Jesse James style fun here was to take a few minutes in the lower lounge pool. I’m happy to report the lovely waitress servicing the pool did her job well and politely asked us to take a walk.

Perfect timing anyway as Cathy and Brad both needed a fresh cocktail. I told them to come to find me and headed off to the next VIP spot on our way to the dock – floating beds. 😀

Caye Caulker Bars

Next, we headed for shade and some tropical ninja warrior style action. As you saw in the video above, Cai in the white shirt was really good. He practically ran on the logs a few times. I talked to him afterward and he said “practice makes you better”. I definitely need more of that. I got upright fairly easy but was only able to get a few steps before becoming a tipsy taco. There is also a bit of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” going on while feeling fabulous floating with your friends.

Caye Caulker Adventure

Reality kicked at the end of our trip as we sped back to the real world with a jolt leaving Koko King ferry dock when we should have been at the San Pedro Belize Express one. While the boat ride is not long (about 30 minutes) I will be glad when flights to Caye Caulker resume. That is my favorite way to get there. Don’t Forget to use flight code horizon, click through on Big Numbers for Belize Tourism & Health Care and Airline News to see how using flight code helps and the new tacogirl 15% discounts at Premium Tax and Duty Free.

taco #16

When storing return tickets, take a fast snapshot of where you put them. Handy in case you forget which secure pocket you decided on.

Caye Caulker Adventure

See a bit more Koko King and the fun boat trip that unexpectedly led us there in my write up – 8 out of 10 White People Don’t Do This On Vacation.

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