D'Office Bar and Grill

Often Overlooked Place for Tacos on a Stick With a View

Because of it is slightly off the beaten path (but easy to reach) D’Office Bar and Grill is an often overlooked place. After seeing my cheap food in downtown San Pedro write up, a longtime Belize traveler and a tacogirl.com reader wrote me wanting to promote it one of their favorites. I have eaten there a few times but after seeing Kris’s picture below of tacos on a stick, I will definitely be going back soon.

Shoemaker Review

I’m Kris Shoemaker and I’ve been coming to San Pedro for more than 30 years now. In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit to you I am a total foodie. Over my years in San Pedro, I have come to love the culture, the people, and the food! My true love is the small local restaurants that serve Belizean dishes prepared the local way. For the past several years my “favoritest” of favorites has been D’Office.

It is located right on the water, or should I say, over the water on the lagoon side.

This is San Pedro. The owner Chuckie and the entire staff exude true Belizean hospitality. They are all outgoing, friendly, and welcoming. Everyone is family at D’Office. There is a full-service bar serving imported and local beers and of course rum drinks including a mean rum punch. They do Karaoke on Friday nights – just in case you want to try out your singing skills.

But now let me tell you about the important stuff – the food. D’Office has a complete menu with chicken wings, fries, and such, but my favorites are local dishes. Traditional Belizean dishes like stewed chicken, coconut rice and beans, and seafood specialties utilizing whole local fish, conch, and lobster. Sundays, conch soup (when in season). Ya gotta try it to believe it. Omg, I nearly forgot to mention the fried tacos with cheese on a stick!

D'Office Bar and Grill

D'Office Bar and Grill

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Featured Image by Kelly L Jones, Food and D’office poster from Kris Shoemaker.

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