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7 Ambergris Caye Restaurants Secret Special Request Options

Once you have lived on Ambergris Caye awhile, you get to know which restaurants have off-menu special request options. Aside from the ones I already knew about, I decided to ask a few restaurants I was betting had secret tasty treats if they were willing to share. One of my favorite special menu items from

Hungry Grouper is a good example of that. Chef Argyle does not always have freshly grated coconut on hand for his absolutely fabulous coconut crusted pork chops, but when he does it’s always my number one choice. He also does a tasty apple slaw salad that is not on the menu. Another thing I like about him (aside from being around the corner from my house) is, he always willing to accommodate to make sure people get a great meal. For those of you that are divers, make sure to let him know. Argyle was in the dive industry for a long time and has many great stories and wise advice. Click to See more yumminess and great reviews on the unofficial Hungry Grouper Restaurant Facebook page or to read what other people have to say about Hungry Grouper and Argyle’s cooking.

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My friend solar Steve and I ran into Brittney at Polo Loco’s food court. Talking about food led to her chicken fried steak which is not on the menu at her place, Sandbar. Of course, it ended up on the now not so secret menu list. Due to the nature of the dish and how busy Brittney is, it’s a good idea to arrange this one in advance. In fact, Sandbar Hostel has a whole secret menu and figuring out what is on it, grants you the ability to order those items. Her homestyle cooking is well worth trying to figure that out. Hint – think comfort foods. Like Sandbar Hostel facebook page to see more food options. You can also click to see what other travelers thought of their beachside Sandbar experience.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

Jyoto Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar at Mahogany Bay has a new food item with a not so well known origin. When you live on a small island, it is not uncommon to have various friends have signature dishes at restaurants. The “Fire Dragon Roll” was a creation by my foody friend Victoria Fearnyhough. This yummy treat made with love by chef Toshiya is made like a regular dragon roll, but with spicy mayo that has been torched to a melty perfection as you can see in her picture below. To see more fantastic culinary art, like Jyoto Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar facebook page or click to read Jyoto restaurant reviews.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

I have a great dessert favorite that I concocted from DandE’s Frozen Custard menu. My special order is a blended smoothie – scoops of Java Joe (coffee) and coconut frozen custard with a banana and a hot fudge bullseye – mmmm. Anytime a friend has tried my special blend they agreed it was super yummy but so is everything owners Dan and Eileen make. This secret item is so secret I cannot even post a picture of it. If you really want to know, you have to go to the shop and use this secret code – gobble gobble gobble. You can keep up with Eileen’s great sense of humor and tasty sweet treats by liking DandE’s Frozen Custard Facebook page. See why travelers often become daily repeat creamy frozen custard or sorbet offenders while on vacation (except on Mondays and Tuesdays.)

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This next one is a meat lovers paradise and has 2 succulent secret orders. A mountain burger which is two beef patties, a hot dog, and 2 fried onion rings. Sargeant Dukes also does fried chimichangas with pulled pork or brisket, cheese, onions and peppers, and pickles topped with BBQ sauce. They are located at Mahogany Bay, and their hours are 11:30 am – 1:30 pm then 4:30 – 8:00 pm.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

Nook Restaurant Cocktail Bartique stuffed chicken is the secret delish nook dish. It’s stuffed with cream cheese and baby spinach and rolled in Panko then baked. It’s awesome but takes a while to make so it’s not officially on the menu. Those who know about it deem the dish worth the wait. Advance ordering is an option. Pictures of stuffed chicken served 3 different ways – courtesy of restaurant co-owner Er L Park. Nook does a great job of Facebooking Chef Ralz or Chef Manu’s stylish plating. Find out what makes this popular beachside bartique a great stop. *Note as of 2020, Nook is now Island Wonder. 

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

Most people don’t know that you can get the SP Tacos with romaine cups instead of corn tortilla at Wild Mangos or you can substitute zucchini noodles in the calypso shrimp pasta. They will sometimes make nachos too. This is a great place to kick back on the beach and watch the world go by. One of the things I love about Wild Mangos Facebook page, aside from foodie pics is the fact that they are great at taking reservations there and always give me a fairly fast answer. Want to know what other people have to say about Wild Mangos Restaurant? Just click through to their reviews.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

Ambergris Caye Restaurants Secret Special Request Options Round 2 If you know a place that should be listed or want your Ambergris Caye restaurant to be on the next list just make contact –  (Featured Image at the top courtesy of moreGuthrie)

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