Omron HJ-112

by tacogirl
Belize Expat Health Insurance Advice

I got my new omron hj-112 premium pedometer in the mail yesterday and it is great. It counts your aerobic steps (number of continuous steps taken over ten minutes) throughout the day, giving you an end-of-day total. It has seven-day memory to track your progress. Also displays time, distance in miles, calories burned, regular step count and continuous step count. Comes with 2 different clip options and the the cool thing is you do not need to use them it works if you put it in your pocket or bag (have not tested the bag option yet)

I put it to the test today walking to Holy Cross Anglican  School with Paul to drop off donations. On the way there we had to make 2 stops so it was not a direct route. On the way home we walked along middle street and did not make any stops. It was .77 of a mile (the way there was about 1.06) 2712 regular steps and 2674 aerobic steps coming in at 24 min of aerobic activity on the walk home. So I probably got in close to 2 miles and 50 minutes of aerobic activity.

Since we live in an island and walk everywhere this is a fun thing to play with, and it helps me know how much aerobic exercise I am getting.

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