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Living on Ambergris Caye Island Belize


Living on Ambergris Caye Island BelizeIsland Life

We have some relatively last minute company coming tomorrow (Paul’s sister) and needed to find something to make our cot a bit more comfortable.

That is easier said than done when you are living on Ambergris Caye Island Belize.

We measured the size we needed for our cot 30 across x 71 inches long.

The first solution that came to mind was to check a local store See What that makes nice – well crafted covers for beach chairs. I knew they could make something decent. I called them up Monday and yes she could do something in time but it would cost us $200. Now I know they use good foam and special sun resistant fabric and so it would last long, but that price was more than we wanted to spend.

Off we go to check a few stores. War Paint had blow up mats but the sizing was a bit too big though the price was decent. Next stop Harmouche Hardware. They had a better size blow up mattress even cheaper and we were set to buy it only they had no pump to blow it up for us. We were going to buy a piece of foam from them but they would not cut it to size – said they had never done that and did not know how.

By this point, I knew Paul had enough, so I told him to go on home with the laundry and I would figure it out.

Onto Castillo’s Hardware I go. They had 3 inch foam there and were willing to cut it for me. The guy helping me gets a ladder climbs up to top of racking to get my foam. He puts it on the floor right in the front area of the store and measures it nicely then he proceeds to start cutting it with his pocketknife. The first part cut off to make the length right was ok but a bit choppy.

Then he proceeded to measure the width and start cutting. A few guys came around offering suggestions and a smaller exacto knife which did not work. So back to the pocket knife and someone else started cutting (hacking) it.

Needless to say the foam looks like it was chewed by a dog.

Another guy that worked there came along and told them they should have been using a big size exacto knife.

They seemed to feel bad about it (or were trying to avoid trouble) and offered to take it home for me in their truck. The original guy who was helping me rushed it out the door before I had even paid for it.

So off I go walking home thinking the foam will beat me there and Lagniape Simon stops to give me a ride to pampered paws, which is 2 doors away from me.

Well Castillo’s truck pulls up in front of us by our place and bunch of guys on back hooting and hollering having a good old time.

So I get out of Simon’s cart and walk around their truck and there is guy who cut my foam with his pocket knife standing there holding my 2 pieces.

I thanked him and brought it upstairs. I had to laugh, and the whole experience cost me only $80 bzd.

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