Taking a boat tour Secret Beach northwest side of Ambergris Caye

Then and Now Secret Beach

Secret beach is one of those places where you cannot stop progress. I am glad that I was able to enjoy the experience long before it turned commercial. I will never forget my first trip up there, by boat because there were no roads yet. When it finally opened up to travel by golf cart we used to go picnic and explore The Cave Beyond Secret Beach. Then growth started exploding like Christmas firecrackers. The area filled up fast with a bunch of great businesses that came together to create a unique and fun Caribbean chill-out experience.

Underwater cave northwest Ambergris Caye Island

I, however, have had a hard time adjusting to the change. Living on a small island I believe it is important to be mindful and do personal growth work to help you weather all kinds of storms and growth. I have been practicing not creating my future based on my past and I recently realized that I am closer than ever to letting go with the right person and giving myself the Secret Beach tour through fresh eyes. 

Ones that would see the beauty in what is and the joy of getting there for the first time. After all, I do believe it takes a certain kind of person to end up on an island in Belize on roads and waterways less traveled to enjoy a super cool beach spot. Even though I have not been to Secret Beach in a few years, I recommend the place to travelers all the time.

For me, that line of thinking above is much more open than I was when reliving the past beach history. Instead of loving what was, and feeling sad that it got taken away along with the shock of the vast gap between what was and what is, I’ve chosen to be happy for what was and letting the sting finally heal. I’m also learning to appreciate what is through other people’s pictures and get in the right state of mind to go when the right opportunity arises.

I was so close to getting there recently, but a visiting friend had slated that adventure to do with the couple that was hosting him. So we did a fun leisurely six-hour drive everywhere but there instead. I took peace in knowing that I am closer than ever to finding my right time and person to go have fun at Secret Beach with. And I promise you the pictures and backstory will be really good 😀 For now, you can click through to see more of my pictures of the area when it was boat access only on Secret Beach and My Biggest Conflict About Blogging.

North Ambergris Caye beach

Looking for a slightly more off the beaten path breathtaking shallow-water Caribbean experience? Checkout Sea’s d Day houseboat tours by SEAduced by Belize – I can save you 10% on that or any of their tours. They go a bit north of secret beach to a nice private shallow water area.

Back in the day, before it got crowded, we used to bring my swimways papasan floats there but now I would bring my Monterey water hammock instead – super portable and versatile. My good friend Aimee turned me onto it. While there is good water seating, I still recommend packing your own float for the day, you will be glad you did.

I will leave you with someone else’s recent family fun vacation day at Secret Beach. My editor Shirlee, her daughter Paige, and their friends Blanca and Mark always go to Secret Beach at least once when Mark hits town as he loves kicking back and floating. Also thanks for potentially clicking and using my affiliate links in this write-up.

As you can see in the picture below the draw of secret beach gorgeous sargasso free water.

 Fun day at Secret Beach

We are experiencing so much development all over for such a small island – more care is needed so we do not overstress ourselves any further.

 Fun day at Secret Beach

Looking at the picture below it still seems like a whole other world up there.

 Fun day at Secret Beach

Since I have not been to Secret Beach since the days of packing our own picnics, I will leave Shirlee to give you an idea.

As tacogirl mentioned, whenever he visits Belize from Las Vegas, my friend Mark likes to go have some fun at Secret Beach, and his last visit was no different. I was a bit apprehensive about going without having eaten breakfast beforehand but decided to go ahead and see if the “not so secret” beach bars were too pricey for my liking. We decided to go to the far north portion of the beach area and to Secret Paradise Beach Bar (Now called Happy Island Bar & Grill). Although I cannot remember the exact total, after eating chicken fingers, fries, and ceviche, I do remember thinking that it wasn’t too bad. Sorry if that’s not much pricing help, but regardless, I do recommend visiting up there at least once if you’re on Ambergris Caye.
~ Shirlee. 🙂

Fun family vacation day at Secret Beach

Imagine parking yourself here and enjoying the view for a while.

Fun family vacation day at Secret Beach

I liked that Secret Paradise has a nice sign for Rickilee Response and Rescue (Triple R Response.)

Rickilee Response and Rescue (Triple R Response)

At Paco’s, you will find their famous coconut mojitos and juicy lucy burgers. Also on the menu: lobster bites (when in season), quesadillas, nachos and lobster and regular tacos.

 Fun day at Secret Beach

There is no shortage of lounge chairs, although it can get busy especially on weekends and holidays.

Enjoying the Beach North Ambergris Belize

Happy campers – Blanca Mark and Paige.

 Fun day at Secret Beach

I will leave you with one last image that was taken with my Nikon Coolpix L120 of how undeveloped Secret Beach was in 2016. That stick marks where the cave is in my picture above and this rocky beach area was a short distance north of the beach part.

Fun day at Secret Beach

4 thoughts on “Then and Now Secret Beach

  1. tacogirl says:

    My Ambergris Caye Nightlife page will give you some good ideas it also includes a link to San Pedro Fun Finder. I would also catch a sunrise if you can do early mornings. Visiting a school and meeting the kids is also a fun thing to do. Taking a long drive north or south also a fun thing to do provided you do not mind a few potholes. I sometimes like to find a secluded place up north and picnic with a friend.

  2. Kim Lawson says:

    Coining to the island threw foray well in February. We’ve been once before, but several years ago. We love to snorkel. What shouldn’t we miss?

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