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Labor on Labor day


Flash back to Saturday – for the past few days the power pole has been making zzzzttt zzzzttt crackling noises. I have heard this before in town so I realized something was not right but did not think to much of it. Well Saturday afternoon we started experiencing rapid fire power cuts and knew something was up.  We unplugged everything even our surge protectors really fast having had serious power issues before at the green house right before my birthday party – our tv that was turned off at the time started smoking like crazy so we knew not to mess around. That one had blown out a few surge protectors and left Rick – Paul – Joy and I roughing it big time till Handyman Eddie was able to sort us out.

Went outside to0 investigate and saw our neighbor who was on the phone coming downstairs. She pointed at the power line and everything became very clear – a large piece pf power line had got disconnected and was just hanging there. We compared notes about what we thought may be blown in our apartments – her ceiling fan and our tv.

Surprisingly since it was a holiday Belize Electricity Limited responded to her call very quickly and dispatched 2 Bel guys to fix thew problem. A bunch of us who live in the building were rubbernecking while they fixed it and teacher Lisa knowing I was snapping pics for the blob joked I should call it Labor on Labor day so I took her up on that. Thankfully the fixed the problem fast and I am pleased to say that Paul is in the next room watching Star Wars right now.

Belize Electricity Limited

Large power wire hanging to right

Belize Electricity Limited

Bel guy in cherry picker fixing power line

Belize Electricity Limited

Bel Guys gave us fast service on Labor Day

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