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Belize Barrier Reef

It’s a gorgeous day here on Ambergris Caye – sunny skies – birds are singing and the pool was great this morning. I am taking the day off from blogging [well almost I am still posting] Been doing the happy dance today big time – got some very exciting stuff in the hopper that I will be filling you in on soon – fingers crossed everyone.

Lara asked me earlier this aft if anything was going on tonight and I said no – One phone call and everything  changed.  Now Cindy – Jeff –  Lara – Paul and I are off to do some night fishing on Crazy Canucks dock. Tide was low and we did not catch anything but we saw a baby stingray.

The Belize Barrier reef picture below is a shout out to KC Jayhawk who was asking where’s the reef on facebook earlier.

Belize Barrier Reef

Belize Barrier Reef


  1. Out sailing today, saw a tour boat named ‘Reef Seekers’.

    Yeah… it’s over there.

  2. Beautiful photo. KC Jayhawk…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  3. Thanks RunShopRyan – took that when we were out on Miss Carole snorkeling in Mexico Rocks area.

  4. Nice James – hope you had a great sail.

  5. Hello to eveyone at Ambergris Caye…hope you are all behaving yourself!!! : )

  6. Hey Joey we are saving our miss-behaving for when you come to visit 🙂

  7. Joey Stevens & Bob

    If I come down, that Caye will never be the same!!! Do you guys have COLD BEER there??? That is definitely a must… : )

  8. Joey Stevens & Bob

    I hope you have COLD BEER there!!!!

  9. Joey Stevens & Bob The Parrot

    I hope you have lots of COLD BEER there!!!!

  10. Ice cold Belikin beer and beer tractors that do the deliveries.

  11. Belikin does regular – premium – lighthouse [not a light beer] and stout.

  12. We will make sure you and Bob don’t go thirsty.

  13. carbunkle trumpet

    you have beer down in Belize? Never knew that.

  14. Apparently Belikin has been able to replenish their stock since your last visit carbunkle.

  15. While for those of us stuck in Belize City, it has been a HOT miserable week filled with annoying characters.

    At least you are living the Belizean dream as they say:)


  16. I can just imagine how hot it is there right now Remo. Working hard daily to support the dream ha ha.

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