San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Hot Hot Hot

It’s 85.5 f / 30c – one of those hot San Pedro days where showers last all of 5 minutes. Its was busy day had 2 meetings in town and a few errands afterward. Was walking down the beach with Mike after our second meeting – nothing like a enjoying a view of bright blue skies and the Caribbean Sea on our way home.

Water went out tonight but only for a few minutes. Luckily I got the dishes done ahead of time – Cindy was just doing hers when it stopped.

Shout out to Joey and Bob the parrot it’s Hot Hot Hot in San Pedro tonight.

San Pedro Belize Beach
What a View
San Pedro Belize Beach
Walking home from our afternoon meeting
San Pedro Belize Beach
Perfect spot for a picnic or siesta

4 thoughts on “Hot Hot Hot

  1. Joey Stevens & Bob The Parrot says:

    Gwen are you saying I need Aquafit?? Did someone say COLD BEER!!!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Good idea Gwen – you missed Blog Fiesta aquafit class at lobsterfest last year we had Mike’s delicious Pina Colada’s in the pool. Thanks for the compliment on pics.

  3. Gwen Army says:

    Good to hear that Joey and Bob still have us on their radar. Great Pics, Laurie.
    I think we should invite Joey to Aquafit! and give him a cold beer!

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