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Status – extreme roughing it

Monday morning and I am not sure how long my power supply will last. We have the offer to go to Paul and Cindy’s later for wireless connection but being as it is 6:32 am we have to wait a while to cash in on that.

I am on the balcony and once again thanks to Jack and Carin I am able to blog.

Our situation here is a lot more serious than we had realized when I last wrote you. We are all very lucky – our house is set up for 220 and running 110. After Eddie figured that out yesterday he shut all power down to the house which means no water too. We are trying to get the ball rolling on having it fixed but a lot has to be done before we are in the clear. Cross your fingers for us please.

Drummer Dan we may be knocking on your fence to borrow hose and fill buckets soon.

A huge shout out to everyone who ever brought us any kind of lighting device. Thanks to our dot lights, dragon lights and flash lights we had the house well covered. Now all I need is a solar or crank recharger for my lap top and I would be in heaven ha ha.

Last night after my party we had Rick’s cart, came home and emptied the freezer and took party left overs to Paul and Cindy’s place. Joy Paul and I showed up towels in hand and very grateful be saving out food and washing up.

I just got low battery warning so I will save this now and quickly check emails.

Just as I was about to hit send on an email to Tim, my computer died. Rick, Joy, Paul and I decided the most sensible morning option was to head into town to Perk. Thankfully I am able to recharge my computer – unfortunately no wireless connection.

Now that we have no fridge, my cleanse is getting a bit more difficult to follow but I am still going to do it as best I can. This morning I ended up having one of Cindy C’s home made granola bars and I picked out as many of the chocolate bits as I could for Paul. Joy is buying me a second iced coffee for my birthday and taking me jewelery shopping.

We are just waiting for 9am so we can ring Handyman Eddie and see if he has the go ahead yet to help us get sorted out.

Luckily Paul was paying attention He thought he saw Eddie drive by so I ran down the road where I found him stopped talking to someone. He said he got the ok from Nadege and will be around to fix things this morning.

Good news… Cindy just called from Belize City and she has our new passports. Not sure how much longer I will have power – racing against the clock to get yesterdays pics up.

6:28 pm
Hurray we have power again. Sadly we lost our tv, router and a few more power bars among other things like half the lights. Thanks Eddie and everyone who helped fix it.

Breakfast – Cindy C’s energy bar Iced Coffee with Soymilk
Lunch – apple
Dinner – eggs

Morning coffee

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