San Pedro Belize beach pictures

41 in less than 24 h

Slowly getting ready for my birthday party – Been chatting Lara, gailtor and Carole on the coconut phone.

I am so lucky – TL emailed me this morning and said she is coming down with a friend offered to get my old navy bikini’s. Paul agreed that was a good option since we could not find one yesterday for my present. The sale is still on and I found lots in my size online so I got to have some fun.

Holey Moley – the craziest thing just happened. Our tv was not on and it started smoking like it was about to catch fire we has a major surge and lost power to almost everything in the house. A bunch of stuff slowly came back on but we lost a router some lights and fan and although or tv works I am weary about the smell. We were lucky Handy Man Eddie was here within 10 minutes of our call to assess the situation.

Jack and Carin if you are reading this I am able to post thanks to you.

I really get moving now this unexpected craziness set us behind.

Everything else aside that just happened the Party was great. So many people came and had fun in the pool, mini golf, ping pong and gazing at San Pedro from the roof top.

I am able to load some pictures now – because I am on the balcony it is hard to properly edit out any fuzzy ones.

Pics all done yay.

Top tips: Always use surge protectors no matter what country you are in – make sure to back up your work regularly (I will be doing that as soon as we have power again.)

3 thoughts on “41 in less than 24 h

  1. rump shaker says:

    oh good-i am glad you are getting your suits-i did attempt to find you one but was unable to match any of the pieces(a rack with hundreds of MISMATCHED bikinis!!)i did find myself a pair of silver bikini bottoms-without a matching top,of course!!

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