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Living in Belize

Eating and Drinking my way Around San Pedro


My step count has been down by half or more the last few days so I decided to remedy  that by driving as far as the main road and walking so I could get some exercise. By the time I hit the edge of town I was feeling both thirsty and hungry so I decided to start my errand run into eating and drinking my way around San Pedro.

I was a bad girl and did not bring a bottle of water with me considering how hot it was outside, so my first stop was a for delicious $3 lime juice. Located on the west side of the road as you take the short street into town by Tropic Air baggage claim, H&L is a great fresh juice stop. They also do breakfast, have reasonable prices and are a popular spot with locals, expats and tourists.

san pedro restaurants

H&L great place for inexpensive food and drinks

After getting hydrated it was time to move onto  protein and a $4 egg burrito down the road from Belizean Melody Art Gallery on the same side of the street. While they were making my food I popped over to Belize Bank as I was trying to get some Brazilian money for a birthday gift, sadly I did not have any luck. By the time I got back my burrito was ready, unfortunately they messed up my order and I had chicken instead. It was still good but left my original craving unsatisfied till my next town trip.

food in belize

Next stop front street roadside food stand

It was time to stop being sidetracked by eating food and get to my other main errand aside from trying to track  down Brazilian money – groceries. I  headed to the lagoon side and did not  see anything that caught my eye at the Tuesday produce stands. I was ok with that because I was walking and I knew pickings would be slim as it was already afternoon, the best selection is early morning around 7:00am. you can see pictures of what shopping is like in my post: A trip to the Tuesday morning produce market and Yancey de Veer singing Lyin’ Mayans. Note: Sometimes people are out selling fruits and vegetables n that area other days of the week but there is no guarantee.

Next stop onto Super Buy, within 3 minutes of being in te store I was wishing I had bought more of the things I was not finding today the last last time I had shopped there – a common occurrence here. Thankfully it was not long before I was able to find one item I was looking for, roasted seaweed. Much to my dismay the stock had gone down from several rows to 6 packages, I decided to buy half after checking the expiry date and seeing it was the end of June 2014.

belize shopping

Right where it should be beside the pickled ginger and organic tofu

Other useful Belize information:

  • If you are looking for good Belize Beef, both Reinland Meats operating out of Blue Creek Village, Orange Walk, Belize and Running W Meats in the San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize area are the brands to look for in San Pedro grocery stores.
  • In order to help those who live or would like to live or work in Belize, Expat Blog has published a series of useful articles about commonly asked topics in the Belize expat guide.
  • Although we had had a high chance of rain in the forecast, it was hot and sunny all day with just the right amount of cloud cover.
shopping in belize

Check out counter at Super Buy on Angel Coral Street

Next errand was a tacoboy thing, I needed to get him a go cup option for his morning juice. My first pic was not a match to the Club Car cup holder and a lot less fun than the Peanuts ones I found next. I opted for the one on the left with Snoopy and Woodstock laughing, I figured that is a happy juice cup if I ever saw one.

shopping for peanuts to go cups in san pedro town

Buying a to go smoothie cup at Caye Supply

By that  time my chicken burrito had already  worn off and I was already thinking about what to eat next. I decided to stop at the fruit stand on the way out of town for some fresh cut cantaloupe slices, a bargain at $2 BZD. Note to self: make sure to have a bottle of water on hand next time for sticky fingers afterward -thankfully I found an outdoor tap on my way south.

san pedro airport

Stopped for fresh cut cantaloupe at the fruit stand on my way out of town

When I reached the blooming Flamboyant tree, I was almost back to where I started and ready for an afternoon cocktail.

belize trees

Flamboyant tree in bloom on my way home

I ended up enjoying a vodka cranberry at El  Divino with my Montana Weatherman who is in town, staying at Grand Caribe for the week and happened to be at  the bar. Afterward Cowboy and I sat in the lounge for a while and watched Pawn stars on TV, before long it was time to go home and get busy making dinner for tacoboy and I.

belize restaurants

Watching Pawn stars in the lounge at El Divino

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