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Orange Walk Band Filming in San Pedro


Super Furia band was just  in San Pedro filming their upcoming music video called You Promise Me, with Roxana Alcocer singing.  She has been the lead vocalist of the popular Orange Walk Band for fifteen years, and recently did a Red Carpet performance in California May 4th  2014. The finished product will get be debuted in on local television:  Centaur Cable Network, Wave Tv, Krem TV and Belizean to Da Bone TV. For those of you not in the country, the video will also be visible through various social media networking such as Youtube and Facebook.

Near the end of Sunday beach time at Caribbean Villas, Cowboy texted and asked Paul and I to come check out the Orange Walk crew in action, since they were filming at Banana Beach Resort and it was on our way home.  We were just leaving and agreed that although we were both done for the day,  a quick pop in was ok. Unfortunately by the time we got there they were already done, we chatted a few minutes and the film crew said they would start filming again at 9:00am. Being close to location and knowing full well these things are not always timely, I told them I would see them at 10:00am and Cowboy agreed to go for breakfast after and suggested George’s Kitchen as he had a hankering for biscuits with gravy.

When I arrived following morning, there was no sight of the band ( possibly a little too much fun at El Divino the night before? 🙂 )

As soon as Cowboy was at a point where he could take a break, we headed out to George’s. Unfortunately for him there were no biscuits left and Maria said “no more till Wednesday.” (The restaurant is closed Tuesdays.) Fortunately, George was ready and willing to make more of the the special  gravy as a side order to his breakfast – Cowboy was ecstatic.

Island tips: For anyone wanting to move to Ambergris Caye and start a business in San Pedro: The quickest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back into your pocket 🙂 Tipping etiquette is 15% for good service and your call for not so good service. Remember when you are tipping, chances are it is not a high paying job so if you really liked your server or tour guides and can afford it tip extra please do.

 san pedro belize restaurants

I had Georges Special with an extra egg and fry jacks instead of toast

georges kitchen san pedro belize

Cowboy’s cheese omelet can be found under his side order of biscuit gravy

georges kitchen san pedro

Cowboy and I eating breakfast at George’s Kitchen – picture taken by his wife Maria

san pedro belize

Cowboy reading National Geographic Magazine and to Maria and I

san pedro belize

University of North Carolina Wilmington eats at George’s Kitchen too.

super furia band from orange walk

Super Furia – picture courtesy of Channel 5 Belize


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