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by tacogirl
san pedro town council ambergris belize

I was snapping a few pics on my travels through our neighborhood yesterday of what is new, and one of the things I noticed was colorful new garbage cans in the park and land clearing for what looks like a new road. I’m not sure why the other big space was cleared, either someone is getting ready to build their house or more through ways.

As I was surfing the net this morning I found more information about the new trail, where they will be distributed and a large colorful picture of the anonymous donation on ambergriscaye.com Belize message board. The San Pedro Town Council painted them in bright colors and added a message,  “Keep La Isla Bonita Clean” to promote a cleaner trash free Island.

san pedro town council

New colorful garbage cans

san pedro town council ambergris caye

Hopefully they will fix the swings next, I miss the bench swing in the park

san pedro town council belize

Looks like a new road about to happen in San Pablo area

san pedro town council ambergris belize

Large cleared out area by the soccer field

As for up and coming, we have our next this Saturday June 7th at Washington University. At the blood drive, we will have information available for those interested in learning more about the San Pedro Belize Red Cross and what we do. We will also be doing volunteer sign up for anyone interested in helping make a difference in our community.

Please come out and help La Isla Bonita go over 100 pints for our reserve, if you cannot donate blood please send a friend. SPBRC will also be taking donations of non-perishable food and monetary donations.

So far the San Pedro Branch along with Belize blood services have collected 72 pints to date that are on reserve for Ambergris Caye. So far 7 pints have been used by 2 different people. Thanks to Inplub who will donate at the fall drive and Noele from Zen Arcade for encouraging the Saturday morning Yogi’s to come donate after class. See more details on the ambergriscaye.com blood drive thread. It is a very important and worthwhile cause to continue building our blood stock for La Isla Bonita.

san pedro belize red crossThe reason I was out and about taking San Pablo pictures is Cowboy had wanted to take Maria up on her rein check for more gravy after their weekly Tuesday closure at George’s Kitchen. He texted around 12:30 and told me he could go for late breakfast as soon as Wachee got back in 20 min. So I finished up my work was about to walk east to go meet him, I got as far as locking our gate before I was offered a ride. It was hot so I gladly accepted, so much for increasing my daily steps.

Thanks to a bank line up, 20 minutes turned into Belize time fast and it took us about 2 hours to be ready to leave, turning our late breakfast into a late lunch – we barely made it before 3:00 PM, which is closing time. By that time I was so hungry I managed one picture of Cowboy’s breakfast and got sidetracked as soon as my steak and eggs showed up.

Did you know that they do not usually give change out in rolls at Belize banks? It will often come in envelopes or clear plastic bags like the dollars below.

belize bank

$200 in $1 coins

george's kitchen san pedro

Cowboys ham and cheese omelet before it got smothered in gravy

george's kitchen san pedro restaurant

Cowboy and George talking after our very late breakfast

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