Good Working Order

My universe is in good working order – got up to watch the sunrise then more sleep. I just finished a fresh cinnamon raisin bun and reaching for my second can of iced coffee. Jo our Caye Caulker vacation is going well – you would really like it here will have to do it again when you come back to Belize in Jan. I am really enjoying walking around the island and will continue to explore later. People are very friendly – heard lots of good music – not seen a real cars only golf carts and no cobblestone or paved roads.

Time to go lay in the hammock and stare at the sea.

Stay tuned…

Walked down the beach for lunch and got caught up reading Barrier Reef Sports Bar menu again decided to go back there for dinner who can resist surf and turf? Stopped at Bamboo Grill next door for popcorn shrimp & lobster came with fries and slaw on the side – was very filling – saved 10% with my hot card. After lunch it was time for a swim at the split – great cloud watching today  – even saw a rainbow then rain got me heading back to the hotel to chill for a bit.

I had a plus 1 show up on the island in the form of tacoboy – my solo vacation ended fast ha ha. We were too late for dinner at Barrier Reef – kitchen had closed. As we were walking through to get to the street we met Rex a tacogirl reader from the states – he recognized Paul. He told us a funny story about how he saw his brother from Wisconsin on tacogirl blog and sent him the link to see the pics.  Not much was open so we ended up easting at a roadside walk up called Elegant – I had curry shrimp and it was delicious.

8 thoughts on “Good Working Order

  1. tacogirl says:

    Nice meeting you too Rex and Mary – would have stayed a bit to chat but since kitchen closed we were on a quest for food. Trivia was looking fun though.

  2. The Happy Campers says:

    Enjoyed meeting you both last night on Caye Caulker. Keep up the great job Blogging.

    Rex and Mary

  3. Jo in Canada says:

    Ya Jo is thrilled to be watching this from the laptop, while it pours rain, the yellowleaves fall from the trees, and it is 5 degrees celcius. Ya RIGHT~ But I am glad Laurie is enjoying my vacation for me :0 I couldnt think of someone I would rather have do it LOL. Oh and the lobster looked great, compared to my soup.

  4. tacogirl says:

    You got that right – she is a lobster lover all the way had to make sure she got to see what she would have been eating if she was here. Have heard that about Caye Caulker and early Ambergris Caye comparison.

  5. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    I am sure that Jo is so happy to be stuck in Canada with the sniffles and here you are enjoying (and probably) eating for her too!
    Cauker reminds me of Ambergris back in the 80’s, not much traffic, only 2 or 3 tractors pulling beer, soda or luggage.

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