Me Myself and I on Vacation

Surprise I am on Caye Caulker. Jo was supposed to meet me here but she had to cancel Belize trip – I decided to come anyways and take a 2 day vacation myself. Really glad I came – she picked out a nice place Sailwinds beach suites. I am in  a beach front room with a great view  –  luckily I have internet and can blog so she will get her vacation from afar. I already did web cam to show her the view and she was enjoying the blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

Time to get out for a walk and enjoy the island for a bit – going to take my self to the Lazy Lizard for a rum punch – then I will hit a few grocery shops. I like poking around in stores here as there is much more Asian flavor to the things you can find. Lots of interesting things we go not get on San Pedro. Funniest was Chio bacon potato chips and roasted chicken flavor of course I had to buy both – for some reason reminded me of you CT – bacon won the taste test of course.

Tail was big and yummy as was everything else on my plate – Jo I know you would have totally enjoyed the lobster.

Crap I spent all night uploading photo gallery and then it disappeared leaving me to redo it all from scratch – I see a late night ahead of me. This leaves me wondering if there is a way to safe guard wordpress plug in galleries anyone have an answer to that?


7 thoughts on “Me Myself and I on Vacation

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Tina it was such a nice getaway – will definitely have to overnight more on CC.

    Had Ketchup ones before Remo. I will never say no to a vacation ha ha and getting away even for such a short time clears my head and relaxes my brain. I have to say living here has spoiled me and definitely made an impact on where I could and could not live. Thanks for well wishes – hope you had a good weekend.

  2. Remo says:

    I use to love eating ketchup and pickled flavored chips in Canada:) Have yet to see come across those in the USA on my past trips.

    You ever tried those flavors in Canada?

    By the way, you live on an Island paradise (la isla bonita) and you still need a vacation from the vacation? funny:)

    Try living in the City for any length of time and you can imagine the welcome sight of the islands.

    Oh and I am glad you are feeling better by the way.


  3. tacogirl says:

    Lobster was at Barrier Reef Sports Bar Judy – saw the menu sign when I was walking the beach and knew I had to go back and give it a try. Snorkeling is great here – cool you got scuba you will have a great time diving.

  4. Judy Best says:

    Enjoying reading about your vacation in Belize and seeing the photos. Some of the best snorkeling we’ve ever done was in Belize, so we just got scuba certified planning to return in 2010. Lazy Lizard is on my list … where’d you have the lobster?

  5. tacogirl says:

    Glad pictures are working better for you Harold. Loving the view and definitely having fun. Will be submitting to La Vida this week coming up to the end of my time there was a 3 month gig. Feeling much better thanks – hope all is good with you.

  6. harold says:

    pic’s work great now tg thanks , that’s quite a view you got there have fun and relax. i haven’t seen your store on la Vida for a while, i know you haven’t been feeling well so i will be patient and hope your a 100% soon. thank you

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