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Vacation over – too fast

Catching the 12:40 Caye Caulker water taxi back to San Pedro ” vacation went too fast back to daily grind ha ha. Is a gorgeous hot sunny day – I am sure it will be just as nice when we get home. That is a big plus of going on vacation on a neighboring island ” no international flights just a 1/2 boat ride and no real weather change.

Here are a few pics from this mornings walk. There is a really good sign painter here love the hand done work – I know a few people would would like to rent an island boy [see below]

Why is it everything happens at once? We were planning to go to Aces fundraiser for a fast hello and a few raffle tickets then onto the library showing of Blue Planet on the wall of Esmeralda park. Of course after talking to Mitch on the coconut phone from CC all plans went out the window and we ended up with dinner option – brat pack at Cori’s place for lobster and shrimp.

Ate like kings – played quiz-wit and apples to apples – after a while Jeff got restless and decided it was tome to do a drive by shotting – so a Cindy Jeff and Jana piled in a cart did a drive by to Pedro’s whizzed in for 2 jagers and a tequila and left just as fast. That went over so well that they did it again later with Mitch Sev and tacoboy – this time Cindy called the bay ahead and pre-ordered the shots. Cori and I stayed back to hold down the fort.

4 thoughts on “Vacation over – too fast

  1. DOA says:

    I would love to, wish I still had some photos of the place, we lost them all when Ike washed our house away about a little over a year ago. I will check with a couple of others and see if they still have any photos. They were really “state of the art” photographs from a Kodak disc camera. I will get something together and send it to you in a few days

  2. DOA says:

    Hey, I was that “Island Boy”…. Lived (litterally) where that sign is now, used to be an open porch with two hammocks and two bedrooms for ten bucks a night. My cut $17.50 a month for rent. Three great summers….

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