Move to Belize

Future Expats Planning a Move to Belize

I was email chatting this morning with guest post author Jon. He had agreed to share his and partner Eddie’s interesting long time journey and still winding their way to becoming Expats in Belize. This next bit I just read in his last email was very fitting as I have always believed thought and synchronicity […]

Belize Drivers License

Getting or Replacing a Belize Drivers License and Gas Prices

After my February move, I somehow could not find where my Belize drivers license got packed and I searched high and low to no avail. I happened to explain the situation to one of my traffic police friends and he told me exactly what to do to order a replacement. I had to go to […]

Belize Banks

Helpful Tips and Issues With ATM Use at Belize Banks

You may or may not know that there is an an issue happening with foreign bank cards and ATM service in the Belize Banks right now. If you are an expat or traveler this applies to you. This information could save you from a few heart palpitations and stress. Not too long ago, I had […]

San Pedro Belize

An Important Cleaning Tip, a Party and a Few Holiday Reminders

Easter in Belize is the biggest party weekend and it is coming fast and furious. Ambergris Caye is filling with people, and stores are super stocked with floaty toys for the holidays. From what I have heard, many hotels and resorts have been well booked for a while. A few Easter weekend reminders: Be safe […]