Belize Adventure

From One Plan to Many

My Canadian friend Heather is here for 11 days (technically 12 but since she is on a 10 am Tropic flight later this week, we are counting 11). She arrived last Saturday and other than working on San Mateo area stuff, a few walks and lots of couch time we had absolutely no plans. The […]

Living on Ambergris Caye

Something People Rarely Do on Ambergris Caye

It is a known fact that Belikin beer drinkers and Travelers Rum lovers, visiting or living on Ambergris Caye often do not usually drink enough water. Or in my case, iced coffee often keeps me from the healthier hydration option. Despite the importance of water, it is often the overlooked and people often reach for […]

Water in belize

Ambergris Belize Water and How the Plant Works

Ambergris Caye Belize Tap Water; Is It Safe? While our tap water at the plant is completely potable, there is no guarantee as to the state of the pipes running from Consolidated Water to where ever you are. This was no different than downtown Toronto. On very hot summer days you could definitely smell a […]

Ambergris Caye Belize

World Water Day Belize

Today’s post has a few people giving thanks. The Direct Abundance girls are grateful for clean water which so many of us take for granted, Saga says thank you to all the people who made the pizza cook off a huge success and Mama Vilma’s Family Home is thankful that people are stepping up to […]