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Future Expats Planning a Move to Belize

I was email chatting this morning with guest post author Jon. He had agreed to share his and partner Eddie’s interesting long time journey and still winding their way to becoming Expats in Belize. This next bit I just read in his last email was very fitting as I have always believed thought and synchronicity play a huge part in travel and taking giant leaps like making a decision to move abroad (and all important things in life.)

“I must share that I stopped recording the COINCIDENCES AND SIGNS in my personal journal because there were just too many, I kid you not!  We really hope this happens and we’re trying our best to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!”

Back in February, I had given Jon the following advice – Just remember if it is right everything will fall into place. I told him to “Call up some divine timing” and “synchronicity.” It was good to see that rang true as they took the next big step forward while on their most recent trip. They came on a scouting visit to verify their thorough online research and cross-check how different districts match their wish list.

Our Journey and Planning a Move to Belize

My partner Edward and I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and we are in the process of taking the necessary steps to move to San Pedro, AC in the very near future (hopefully sooner than later!).

Our Story…

What a journey it has been!! Let me start by saying that the universe really does work in mysterious ways. I believe that when one is really ‘ready for change’, life seems to unfold. There are times in life that ‘change’ can be good, bad and/or indifferent. Like the song says, ‘Everything Must Change, Nothing Stays The Same, Everyone Must Change…’ I kept saying to myself from the beginning, ‘don’t be too afraid’ fear can help guide you’. I think complacency and normalcy are our enemies. As my grandma always said, ‘Keep the fire in your belly’!

Upon arrival at the San Pedro airport on March 26, 2017, we saw the Tropic Air sign – WELCOME HOME as we stepped off the plane and I got major goosebumps. I also felt a sense of relief! There have many ‘goosebumps’ during this crazy journey along with many, many coincidences.

Let me introduce myself…my name is Jon and my partner is Eddie and we currently live in Brooklyn, NY. My partner and I have been on the most incredible journey for years but didn’t know the specifics until January 2017. I am born and bred in NY. Eddie is originally from Tanzania, East Africa — but lived in many places prior including England, Kuwait and then ended up in Brooklyn. We have been together for 22 years.

To make a long story short, we hope to move to San Pedro, AC in the very near future. Crazy as things seem, we hope the path has been set up for us. In March 2017, we were in Belize for a two-week trip to explore various areas to potentially live. It was our fourth time to Belize since 2003, and third time back to AC.

It was so important to us to drive throughout the mainland and explore the country, as well as revisit various areas of interest. On March 17, when we arrived at the Philip S. W. Goldson International airport, we retrieved our rental car and headed down south to Hopkins. Hopkins is an amazing area and we were able to explore Dangriga, as well. About an hour south of Hopkins, we revisited Placencia, where we last vacationed in 2011. Times have surely changed!! As much as we loved Hopkins and Placencia, they didn’t seem like they were the right starting point for us coming from NY. We needed to work our way if you will.

After our southern Belize time, we drove north to Corozal, to explore this uncharted territory. Corozal is a lovely, sleepy village with many retired expats from Canada & the U.S. After a lovely time in Corozal, we flew to San Pedro for the third time since 2003. Again, times have surely changed things!! Ambergris Caye has grown considerably since our last visit and continues to expand.

When we revisited Caye Caulker as well it reminded us so much of what San Pedro used to be like many years ago. No matter what, Ambergris Caye is where we hope to land. As I write this, our home in Brooklyn is in contract and we plan to come to San Pedro very soon to hopefully lock in a long-term rental. We agreed from the beginning of this journey to rent at first and get our feet wet, and hopefully buy something down the road…time will tell. We stand by the idea to rent at first for anyone considering the move along with EXPLORING BELIZE, as much as and as long as you possibly can before making a commitment.

In addition to these locales, prior trips over the years have included spending time in San Ignacio, Placencia, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and more. We are trying our best to remove the fantasy from the equation and deal with the everyday reality. It’s a gamble like anything else. There are fears, concerns, etc. but that goes without saying for any potential, major move. To summarize this story, from day one we have met and/or corresponded with so many supportive people, like Laurie who have been AMAZING AND SO HELPFUL!! From the beginning of this search…whether it be meeting expats living throughout various parts of Belize, talking to locals sharing their own personal stories or chatting with tourists visiting the country for the first time, we have been on the most incredible journey that we hope is far from over!!

Again, time will tell!! Peace to all, Jon & Eddie

A Mix of Old and New Ambergris Caye Pictures

Move to Belize
Mata Rocks Dock – Image by Jon Foy 2017
Hol Chan Marine Reserve Ambergris Caye
Shark Ray Alley – Image by Jon Foy
Hopkins Belize
Walking the beach in Hopkins – Image by Jon Foy 
Southern Belize
Beach cabins in Hopkins – Image by Jon Foy
Move to Belize
Caye Caulker – Image by Jon Foy 
Corozal Belize
Pool time at Almond Tree Resort – Image by Jon Foy 
San Pedro Town
Back in the days of sand streets – Image by Jon Foy 2003
Election Celebrations – Image by Jon Foy 2003

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