Belize Independence

A Rained out 34th Independence Day did not Stop the Party

Waterlogged San Pedro Thankfully for party goers, it waited till after the fireworks and Independence eve celebration for Chac (the rain god of the Maya) to let loose. It down poured fairly heavy from about 1:30 am onward and kept right on going. As a result, there was some damage control yesterday morning. First off, […]

Belize Food

How to Make the Best Iced Tea, an Avocado Tip and a Cool Camera Trick

Making Sun Tea As hot as it has been in San Pedro lately I have taken to making iced tea again. Inspired by a recent trip to Lamanai Landings in Orange Walk I found the missing puzzle piece to that. I was always into making sun tea and consider it the lazy cook’s way. It […]

Restaurants in San Pedro Belize

Restaurant Guide for Picky Eaters and Food Adventurers

Being a picky eater definitely has its downside, especially when you are traveling. Recently I heard a crazy account from friends that had visiting relatives in town. Long story short, the kids were ultra picky kids and did not want to eat hardly anything beyond chips and salsa and some days that was a stretch […]

Getting married in Belize

Extra Special Soft Opening of Stella’s Smile Wine Bar

Stella’s Smile Made David and Alisha Smile One of the things I love about island life is the close sense of community we have. Last Thursday a bunch of us came together for the soft opening of a new wine bar that is located 1 mile north of the bridge called Stella’s Smile. Billing itself […]

belize restaurants

A Short Celebration at Casa Picasso and a Poolside BBQ

It’s not a bad day when you can say you met some cool new people from around the world, enjoyed a short celebration at Casa Picasso and attended a poolside BBQ, as was the case for me last night. Plans magically came about hours prior which is a common phenomenon of Island Life – short […]

belize ribs

Lip Smacking Food Fundraiser for Sunshine Foundation a Huge Success

Plan was to meet up around 11:30 and first man in score a choice table. When I arrived after Pilates class Shirlee had scored us a choice table on the beach away from the speakers – it was going to get loud. Kendall and Eric turned up not long after and Anna decided to join […]