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How to Make the Best Iced Tea, an Avocado Tip and a Cool Camera Trick

Making Sun Tea As hot as it has been in San Pedro lately I have taken to making iced tea again. Inspired by a recent trip to Lamanai Landings in Orange Walk I found the missing puzzle piece to that. I was always into making sun tea and consider it the lazy cook’s way. It […]

belize bird

What the Early Bird Gets in San Pedro

The early bird catches the worm is an old proverb meaning something along the lines of being the first to rise does have its advantages. That holds true here as there are some things on the island like Bacon Egg Johnny cakes from Ruby’s that you have to get there early for or you will […]

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Belize Agriculture Show

Coming at you live from the Belize agriculture show. We are having a great time so far. Lots of San Pedro peeps here, aside from Cowboy and Monty we ran into Picasso Spirits and San Pedro Scoop. My favorite picture is the one where Cowboy’s calculator saved him from a heifer who got a bit […]