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Captain Pudlin in action and a Glass bottom boat review

The glass bottom boat was good for seeing the fish and turtles at the edge of the reef. It did stop and feed the sharks. Also stopped to get into the water. My problem was that it is a very old and really slow ride. The motor is not much and the boat needs work. As a little family business though, I guess they try when you see the big guys diving and flying around. You definitely could fall asleep on the ride back and forth.

Hard part was finding someone to tell us where it was located. They work out of a garage out of the back of their house.


Thanks for your review John, I had heard the boat was on the slow side, Dick said pack accordingly if you ever take that trip. For me that would mean lots of water, small cooler full of snacks and  an extra camera battery 🙂

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Not long after blogging Poodle Pirate and Galen University’s Timely China Business Course Offering, I got the following emails, pictures and permission to blog them from Captain Pudlin owner of the Poodle Pirate.

Hey Taco Girl,
Saw you had my boat on your blog. Thought you might enjoy seeing me Captain Pudlin in action.!!

You were so right Capt Pudlin, seeing you driving your boat made me smile even more than when I first saw Poodle Pirate at Captain Shark’s Boatyard.

pirate poodle
Capt Pudlin heading out for a day on the Caribbean Sea
san pedro red cross
Capt Pudlin says ‘Safety First’


poodle pirate
Capt Pudlin

Hey Taco Girl… It’s Pudlin!!!!
Glad you  got a “smile” out of my boating tips. I want to lt you know I am a pretty smart Poodle–Obedience CHamp, Rally Champ, K-9 Good Citizen, Certified Therapy Dog. I have been comming to BZ for 9 years and love it. I have done some “work” on San Pedro reading classes, Sunday School classes but mostly just have fun — boating, golf cart riding,  long walks on the beach with my friends and PARTYING!!!!!!!!

9 years is a long time, I can see why you love Belize from your pictures Captain Pudlin. We share a lot in common, I am also into safety and voluneering. Maybe you can drop by one of our  First Aid Classes sometime and see the San Pedro Belize Red Cross First Aid Program in action.We have been working hard to refine the program so we can continue providing high quality first aid training. We are working on adding more water safety, that is an area that the board feels we need to focus more on since we are living on an island.

Anyone wanting to turn their trip into a volunteer vacation, visit my voluntourism page. Many places have wish lists so volunteering can be as simple as finding out what an organization needs most and bringing it down when you come.

belize celebrations
Capt Pudlin celebrating


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