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Volunteer Vacation


Heather and Cathy two of the Direct Abundance girls are back and following the ever popular trend of voluntourism by taking a fabulous tropical vacation and volunteering while here. According to a poll conducted by Cond̩ Nast Traveler and MS-NBC Рonly fourteen percent of Americans have taken a volunteer holiday, but fifty-five percent say they would like to.

After running a few errands in town – picked them up at Maya Island Air yesterday morning – they caught the 11:40 from Belize City to Ambergris Caye. Both Heather and Cathy said they were glad to be home and both missed the island a lot since their last trip. If I had $1 for every time someone returning here has said that I would take you all out to dinner.

After checking into their room at Exotic Caye Beach Resort -  Cathy and Heather got to work right away as Kelly invited them back to the EC office a meeting to learn more about what they are working on while here [water water garden project for San Mateo] and see how Exotic Caye could get involved.

Please note that Thursday and Friday Aquafit classes will be held at Banana Beach Resort same time 10am – 11am if you would like to attend class at Banana Beach please call Maureen count yourself in so she can make sure to have enough equipment for everyone [622-3314].

Reminder CG Esthetic sale still going till the end of September and to let you know Carole will be away from Sept 27th  till Oct 31st – don’t forget to book yourself in for a haircut before she goes.


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  1. Zablon Mukuba November 5, 2010

    another great organization that offers volunteer travel in Africa is Volunteer Capital Centre

  2. tacogirl September 15, 2010

    Hi Violet I will send you an email right now.

  3. Violet Henderson September 15, 2010

    I vacation on the island for 3-4 months (Dec-March) Is their someone on the island I can contact to become involved.

  4. tacogirl September 8, 2010

    That can happen a few ways Sharon. Often people will organize a group to come here and volunteer with help on this end putting it together. Direct abundance is a not for profit out od Canada that comes here to volunteer and are always interested in help http://www.directabundance.com There are lots of places here that could use help – schools – library or with animals all depends what area you are most interested in.

  5. Sharon September 8, 2010

    How does one get involved in the tropical vacations to Belize and the volunteer program?
    What is the Direct Abundance Girls?


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