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Living in Belize

Melancholy with a side of Rainbows


I was going to give you a guest post today from a single mom who took the plunge and moved to in San Ignacio Belize but our BTL connection kept dropping me like a hot potato so I never managed to get the pictures added to it – will likely come tomorrow.

Today is a very sad energy day. Too personal to go into why – all I can say is a lot going on around me that is not personally my stuff but very disheartening all the same. I wish I could go walk it off but it figures I am stuck waiting for BTL to come check out what the problem is.

BTL never showed up – I was about to give them a them a reminder call but the sky went gray and it started raining so I figured not much point there.

It was raining pretty good this morning too – another sun shower bringing with it another rainbow.  Not a full arc like last time though. I did not bother to go take pictures cause I still had the ones from a few days back that I did not post. As I was narrowing down which pics to post I noticed the first one has a faint double rainbow in  it – funny how I never saw it till now.

A message from Carole for everyone – Cg Esthetic is having a summer sale for August & September. She has a big selection of products on sale at 50% off including, make up, Pro make up, Skin & Body line, and Hair Products. With every product purchase you will also also have a chance to win a beautiful AG red purse. The draw will be on Sept 30.

CG Esthetic is also doing a special on services, with every hair color, you can have face waxing or a quick basic pedicure for free. For men she is doing have 10% off on haircuts.

Ambergris Caye Weather

Ambergris Caye Weather

Ambergris Caye Weather


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  1. tacogirl August 6, 2010

    Cool Lorinda. I consider seeing one good luck or a good omen. Once we got to drive right underneath a full arc that was cool.

  2. tacogirl August 6, 2010

    ha ha good one Mystery.

  3. mysteryboy August 5, 2010

    Just so you are not like that wackadoo rainbow loonie we saw on Youtube recently!

  4. Lorinda August 5, 2010

    Whenever I see a rainbow, it feels like God just gave me a fabulous and unexpected gift, which always makes me feel really happy!

    Thanks for sharing those pics, we dont get much rain in California, so not many rainbows!

  5. tacogirl August 3, 2010

    Thanks Gwen. I got Paul out on the veranda to look at that one too – always love it when you get to see a full arc and or a double.

  6. Gwen Army August 3, 2010

    Laurie, I saw those rainbows too, and after living in Hawaii for a couple of years, I always look for the doubles. I drive Datallmon crazy, yelling…rainbow, rainbow…etc. Let the rainbow draw you into it’s impossible magic, even if you are having a down day… I sometimes feel that way too.

  7. tacogirl August 3, 2010

    Got email – thanks Forrest it did give me a giggle.

  8. Forrest Jones August 3, 2010

    GREAT rainbow photos , Laurie. Thanks! I sent you an email that may bring your giggle back

  9. tacogirl August 3, 2010

    Thanks Debra.

  10. Debra Milstead August 2, 2010

    Hey Laurie…thanks for the rainbow pictures. I hope your energy perks up around you..


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