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Wood Shopping in Belize and Legends Burger House Fundraiser in Honor of Drummer Dan

I emptied my Cannon g7 camera and below are pictures of our wood shopping adventure and a few other random images I took on Monday and Tuesday. In addition to those pics, I finally took the ones off my Sony Cybershot camera from the Giant Jam Fundraiser for Drummer Dan’s Family at Legends Burger house.

Day – 1 our travels included going north to a meeting with Rudy at Grand Caribe Resort. I had told Cowboy Doug that Dick and I would stop by their condo for an iced coffee before meeting Rudy so we decided to bring breakfast burritos, they were delicious as always. Our meeting went well, it was a quick one though as Rudy had a fishing charter to get ready for. It was on our to-do list to go wood shopping on the way home. At the first wood store, they had one warped plank in the size I needed so we topped up with gas and called it a day.

Day 2 – Started with a breakfast meeting upstairs at El Divino and more wood shopping in a different part of town. The guy in DFC had what Dick needed, but we were not satisfied with the quality router work and he did not have what I needed.

Thankfully we ran into King Richard our preferred wood guy outside of Castillo’s Hardware yesterday and found out where his new shop is. He is going to set us both up, Dick needs more parts cut to build a prototype we have been working on with Rudy and I need a 6 foot tall by 2-foot wide bookshelf built. I will be glad to have better access to my media library. So far he said it will be $175 BZD for the cedar wood and if I want him to do he build it will cost an extra $125. I forgot to ask if his build will include rostering out the shelves,  if not Dick said he will slap it together for me in his workshop.

grand caribe belize
New kayaks for guest use at Grand Caribe
downtown san pedro
Woodshop near the gas station in town
belize wood
A delivery truck loaded with wood
banana beach resort
Upstairs at El Divino is a great meeting spot
hardwood belize
The next woodshop we tried was in DFC area
wood in belize
Close up of how they store their wood on the roof
hardwood in belize
Lots of sawdust
hardwood in belize
Dewalt miter saw also known as a chop saw
belize animal
One of our pet gecko’s

Fundraiser For Drummer Dan’s Family

We started out with a nice dinner at Wild Mango’s to celebrate our friend Rob being in town from Mexico then the gang headed over to Lola’s for a quick one on the way north to Legends. It was already busy when we arrived, with a mixture of new and familiar faces. There was no shortage of musicians and they rocked the house. A portion of the bar proceeds went to help raise money for Drummer Dan’s family in their time of need.

I mentioned above that I had taken the following pictures with my Sony Cybershot. I often use this camera at night over my other 3 due to its compact unnoticeable size.

drummer dan
Live jam for Drummer Dan’s family
shirlee arnoud
Smiling Shirlee
live music belize
Lots of great musicians
legends burger house
Legends Burger House jam night
legends belize
Many of the regular Legends dance crowd was there
legends butger house belize
Hall party
jagermeister shots
Jagermeister time
belize music
Some musicians played more than one instrument
legends burger house
Crowd enjoying the music


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