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A Funny Thing We Saw on Our Way Home

Tacoboy and were driving home Sunday from our afternoon pool date and I had to stop and take a few pictures on my camera phone [I was taking weekend off from photography and did not have any of my other cameras with me.] What caught my attention was, a goat on a rope standing there by itself in the middle of the road, it was a pretty unexpected funny site.

The goat was friendly and came right beside the cart to posed for a picture. Not long after it’s owner came by and and told me it was ok for to pet the goat, it would not bite. Another cart full of people slowed down to see the action and it’s owner decided he should take the goat to a better place so it would not be in the way of traffic.

I would love to stay and write more write more about my weekend adventures but I have to run for my weekly meeting up north.

belize animal
Goat in the road
belize kid
The party just got bigger
san pedro belize
Another golf cart full of people stopping to check out the goat

6 thoughts on “A Funny Thing We Saw on Our Way Home

  1. Charlotte says:

    Let’s hope that cute little goat doesn’t end up with its head in a big pot of soup with dumplings! Sorry, Belizean humor.

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