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Call for Belize Teachers

Participate Learning is back with a new opportunity to apply for paid teaching term abroad. If you are a Belizean teacher with a minimum of two years of teaching experience, this is a career-advancing opportunity for you. Applications are currently being taken for three to five-year terms teaching in the United States. Participate Learning is a leader in the world of teaching abroad programs and invites teachers worldwide, to make a difference in the U.S and their home countries when they return. A contract with Participate learning is an enriching global experience for both the teachers and the students. Please visit our website to find out more of our requirements and benefits.”

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Official Participate Learning Press Release and Video

Belizean teachers open their professional horizons with Participate Learning

Teamwork skills, networking, and training options, as well as enhanced skills to perform and achieve results in a multicultural environment, are all benefits of the Participate Learning experience for teachers.

September 2022

In order to provide globalization with a human profile that contributes to overcoming the present and future challenges, it is necessary to educate present and future generations to assume responsible, empathetic, and multicultural global citizenship. In this sense, great responsibility falls on teachers who face the daily challenge of supporting students in acquiring competencies with which they themselves were not educated.

Participate Learning is a comprehensive exchange program designed to enable teachers from various countries around the world, including Belize, to acquire the skills and competencies necessary to transform them into global educators prepared to take on the current and future challenges of teaching. Those who participate in this program, which allows them to travel to the United States to join the U.S. educational system, recognize the value of the experience not only on a professional but also on a personal level. Belizean educators recognize that their experience in Participate Learning has become a milestone that strongly marks an improvement in their professional and personal performance in and out of the classroom.

As explained by other teachers, before starting their experience as Participate Learning teachers, they considered themselves as creative people, but the truth is that creativity in the classroom, allows them to live new experiences and that motivates them to give their best version of themselves.

Now, they see the value of good communication between departments and other areas that can contribute to their daily work, also from the perspective of digital communication and the exchange of learning. Teachers must have ongoing training, updating in practices, and academic knowledge, among others, and, above all, be able to connect through various platforms: social networks, and professional networks. In addition, recruited educators can access technological and pedagogical tools, as well as professional development opportunities in their respective educational districts and training centers, helping to enhance skills and work experiences in and out of the classroom.

Ronald Ramirez, Participate Learning’s International Recruitment Manager explains more about the program, “If you are a teacher with at least two years of teaching experience, this is a great opportunity for you to leave and to teach in the United States for a three to five year period, this is a multicultural experience with high impact to you as a professional, to the students and to the entire community. Participate Learning is a unit in the world through global education to invite teachers like you, to make a difference in the U.S. Please visit our website to find out more of our requirements and benefits.”

Importance of multiculturalism

For some teachers, building global connections fosters understanding and appreciation of diversity, inclusion, intercultural awareness, intercultural communication, and intercultural learning… The opportunity that has been achieved over the years in the school has allowed them to be aware of their attitudes and actions when relating to students, families, and colleagues.

Teachers express, if there is something that has been learned from the teaching process through Participate Learning and the experiences acquired, that in today’s world they must have the ability to face continuous changes that present themselves as daily challenges. This forces them to acquire new personal, social and professional skills that are vital to performing the role of teacher. Participate Learning allows you to take that first step to being a global citizen capable of motivating students to build their own knowledge and develop skills and competencies to successfully face this constantly changing world.

Currently, there are more than 50 active Belizeans in the program and more than 100 teachers who have participated historically. This is a recruitment process as in any traditional job, it has selection requirements according to the experience, profile, CV, and performance of the teacher. And here you can join the global competencies, that some are learned and others are brought a little learned and finish developing in the program, for example, the ability to adapt, challenge and conflict resolution, global vision, among others.

Each year Participate Learning opens its call for educators from all around the world to apply to be recruited for its exchange program to offer lessons in the United States. Among the requirements to apply, educators must demonstrate the ability to perform professionally in English, must have a degree in education, must have at least two years of experience providing lessons, and must be actively working in an educational center in their country. Apply at Participate Learning, you will be glad you did.

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