Change is in the Air

New CEO at Tropic Air Belize

On January 23, 2023, “The Airline of Belize” – Tropic Air announced their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Maximillian Greif. Maximillian took over the important CEO leadership position from 30 year veteran Steve Schulte.

As of today January 30th Maximillian took over his important new role at Tropic Air with strong goals and lots of airline industry experience.

“I am honored to serve Tropic’s employees, customers and fellow Belizeans in this role.” Emphasized Maximillian. “Tropic understands its responsibility as a pillar of the national economy, and to those people whose livelihood depend on it. I am grateful to be part of the stewardship of that responsibility by serving alongside approximately 300 dedicated employees.

“As Tropic enters this next chapter, my focus will be to ensure that we grow profitably and sustainably by investing in our product, service, and our values-driven employee culture,” continued Maximillian Greif. “We will lead the effort of growing and creating new opportunities for Belize by, among other things, investing in our network. This will include offering more domestic and international flights.

Finally, I want to give my sincerest thank you to departing CEO Steve Schulte, for his 30 years of exceptional leadership and contributions to not only Tropic, but to tourism in Belize,” concluded Maximillian. “As Tropic enters its 45th year of flying, it is already a thriving airline in a very competitive environment. We are grateful for Steve Schulte’s leadership, and for everything he has done to provide Tropic with a solid base for expansion and further success. I also want to thank my father and Tropic Air’s founder, John E. Greif III for instilling a love of aviation and more importantly for his support and encouragement to return home to Belize and accept this responsibility.”


Airline Experience

Maximillian Greif was a perfect fit to become the new Tropic CEO, with lots of airline industry experience. Previously, he held the position of Senior Principal of Strategic Development at United Airlines. He has also held various positions with American Airlines and in the Financial Services sector in New York. Maximillian graduated Rider University with a degree in International Business and Economics, and is a Belizean, having grown up in San Pedro.

Airline Information

Currently, Tropic Air flies to 12 destinations in Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, with 17 aircraft. It is a member of the Latin American Airlines Association (ALTA), and successfully completed IATA’s Industry Standard Safety Audit for the fifth time, after joining the program in 2015.


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