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Living in Belize

Top Ten iFoam texts


A while back I decided to quietly make a top ten best texts from Carbunkle Trumpet in Memphis. Those who know him know what a funny sense of humor he has and his texts often have me lol for real.

Carbunkle is not a top ten virgin and has submitted 3 other tacogirl top ten lists on San Pedro and Belize.

Top Ten things I miss from back in the day – Carbunkle Trumpet has been coming here since 1979.
Top 10 new Non-Stop Airline Routes To Belize – a bit of wishful thinking for himself and message board friends.
Top Ten San Pedro food joints – must read for foodies.

I had planned on snapping a few pictures around town to go with this post but Tropical Storm Matthew grounded me I have pulled a few from my stock pile.

Now you can say you got a text from robo who is backstage with KC and the sunshine band with Memphis Symphony as back up! Sunset Symphony.

Today would suck for an outside salesman. Thank God I am in shorts as I make calls.

This just asked of me Bacon or Sex? I chose bacon whats yours?  Me can’t I have both?  CT and the greedy one chimes in Sex OR bacon there tg

I can die now as I just shared a prayer with Rev. Al Green in his dressing room. Pretty much one of the coolest things I have ever done!

They are pouring a sidewalk in front of our house. Gave Poncho a 5 spot to put a Belikin beer cap in the concrete!

Wow that makes my delivering black bean & corn salsaw/homemade chips to a receptionist who placed a 100 person lunch seem insignificant. Rock Star!

Don’t hate the player, hate the game – ground up beef tenderloin burgers is whats for lunch today.

Rather than send the ‘mundane’ facebook birthday shout out like other I send only a bd text to my dear good friend. Happy Birthday!

My 9am Bride to be meeting got moved to noon, now the Biotch wants to move it to 3pm. I can already tell she carries her soon 2b husbands balls in her purse.

Had another great visit with Ebbie W tonight. We both agree San Pedro brought us together. You too! – I think you replied but it came back in Swahili.

Holiday Hotel - San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

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  1. carbunkle trumpet September 27, 2010

    E – I still have the passport with my baby picture to prove it.

  2. tacogirl September 27, 2010

    He started coming down back then with his folks for family vacations.

  3. ernieB September 27, 2010

    Since 1979 ? I think not.

  4. Carbunkle Trumpet September 27, 2010

    I am honored, I have a feeling that since we are nearing holiday season and will be busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest I will be sending some good ones your way.
    Glad to hear that you guys are ok and just a little water logged.



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