Sanbore Caye Belize pictures

As I mentioned in Walters party post – tonight is the next San Pedro Poker run starting at Pedro’s this time at 5:30 – to get more information and count yourself in check the San Pedro Poker Run facebook invitation. We are going with shuffles and rld – wondering what interesting people we will all meet tonight.

Today’s pictures were all taken on  Sanbore Caye what an incredible island – I fell in love with it the minute we stepped off the boat. There was – lot’s of palm trees – great beaches – an interesting variety of nature – a light house – handmade hammocks using recycled materials – small interesting buildings and a big white house. Dixie told us they make coconut oil there which I thought was very cool – as many of you know I am a coconut oil lover it is good for so many things.

As I was thinking about what else I wanted to tell you about Sanbore Caye – I decided to Google for inspiration. What I found was some great information on listing all the fish species in the area – Balloonfish – Redtail Parrotfish – Yellowtail (Redfin) Parrotfish – Redband Parrotfish – Porcupinefish – Spotted Eagle Ray – Tobaccofish – Harlequin Bass – Spotted Scorpionfish – Princess Parrotfish – Yellow Jack – Butter Hamlet – Barred Hamlet – White Grunt – Indigo Hamlet – Hogfish – Horse-Eye Jack – Bar Jack – Spanish Hogfish – Dog Snapper – Lane Snapper – Yellowhead Jawfish – Yellowhead Wrasse – Creole Wrasse – Bluehead – Sand Diver – Silversides, Herrings, Anchovies – Hawksbill Sea Turtle – Sharknose Goby – Trumpetfish – Queen Triggerfish – Black Durgon – Schoolmaster- Mutton Snapper- Mahogany Snapper – Yellowtail Snapper – Longspine Squirrelfish – Ocean Surgeonfish – Blue Tang – Squirrelfish – Tomtate – Black Margate – Spotfin Butterflyfish – Foureye Butterflyfish – Banded Butterflyfish – Spotted Trunkfish – Belted Cardinalfish – Blue Chromis – Bicolor Damselfish – Beaugregory – Brown Chromis – Smooth Trunkfish – Scrawled Cowfish – Blackcap Basslet – Great Barracuda – Rock Beauty – Fairy Basslet – Bigeye – Honeycomb Cowfish – Redlip Blenny – Glasseye Snapper – Sergeant Major – Threespot Damselfish – Nassau Grouper – Graysby – Black Grouper – Red Hind – Tiger Grouper – French Grunt – Cottonwick – Bluestriped Grunt – Masked Goby/Glass Goby – Goldspot Goby – Spotted Moray – Green Moray – Yellowtail Damselfish – Scrawled Filefish – Spotted Goatfish – Colon Goby – Bridled Goby
Yellow Goatfish – Gray Angelfish.

Now that is one amazing list and really speaks volumes about what a pure and almost untouched tropical Paradise Northern and Sanbore Caye really are. Who ever ends up purchasing these two Cayes will be very lucky. If you would like more information please contact Raymond Bowers

4 thoughts on “Sanbore Caye Belize pictures

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hard to believe it is only 2 weeks now Laura. I bet it feels like forever to all you Memphis girls. Halloween will be great. Sanbore Caye was heaven.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi, Taco Girl,

    Officiallly 2 wks! til the girls from Memphis arrive. We are so excited. The pix from Sambore Caye are beautiful. We plan to do some excursions when we are there.

    We arrive on Saturday the 30th, so we are planning to party for Halloween events when we get to Ambergeris Caye.

    Can’t wait to be there. 2 WEEKS!!!! Yay.

    Laura BC

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