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Belize Lifestyles Officially in Production

Belize Film CommissionI am super excited to announce that while I was enjoying my delightful boat ride yesterday Belize Lifestyles went into official production. Nigel Miguel Belize Film Commissioner has teamed up with us [Nuevo Marketing Solutions] to create Belize Lifestyles a dynamic new tv series  promoting Belizean beauty and real estate for those who want to Live the Dream. The show will be on WSEE TV/CBS and will begin airing in November – target date Thanksgiving.

First filming took place at filming at Sail Sports Belize – Caribbean Villas Resort.  Since I was unable to be there to take pictures – below are a few shots I snagged  from Belize Lifestyles Facebook page that Mike took of Nigel filming.

More exciting news I just discovered the ad on Nigels Blog.  The ad will run in the UCLA Basketball home game programs this season. Go Bruins – Film Belize and Nuevo!

How cool is that – made my day for sure.

We all get excited when Belize gets good press. Thanks to Dr Feel Awesome for sending me a link to  Travel and Leisure Magazine – Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave Belize made it in  World’s Creepiest Attractions . Also a good reminder Halloween is just around the corner got to start working out our costumes fro Pedro’s 3rd annual pimp N ho party. Anyone in town at that time it is a party worth going to – keep in mind it starts early 7pm as it is the big pre party to get your groove going before everyone hits later on. Here are pics from last years pimp N ho party – there were some super cool costumes and really good prizes including Tropic Air tickets – Banana Beach Resort stay and Victoria House stay.

Starting the editing process for Sanbore Caye and Northern Caye trip pictures and will be posting some shortly.

The ride took us about 2 hours and was very comfortable. We chatted ate drank and were all grateful to be enjoying such a wonderful time. Here are the first pics as we see of the island from our boat Of Northern and  Sanboure Caye.

Here is a great areal shot of Sanbore and Northern Caye from Traveling luck and a map of Sanbore and Northern Caye that I got to through Both images really put some perspective on where we were – total heaven on earth. Another batch of pics are coming later but I have 19 windows open and a load of laundry on the do so trying to clear all that away asap.

The first stop on our journey was Northern Caye (the big island) has beautiful palms – gorgeous sand  beaches and a lush tropical feeling. Northern Caye has a huge interior lake/lagoon and has 2 miles of beaches running along 203 acres of solid land [the entire area of islands including solid land – mangroves and lagoon covers 1330 acres].

We took turns going out in a smaller boat to view the lagoon and see just how vast the caye was. It was amazing traveling through the mangrove channel and our guide did a great job of navigating through a secret pathway that opened up to a huge lagoon. It was not until we were in the lagoon that I realized how large Northern Caye was. RLD and I talked about unlimited possibilities – things like eco retreat or camping and how amazing the sunrise/sunsets would be. The caye was filled with  such a variety of  nature  – we both imagined there would be plenty of fish with so many mangroves there to help the juvenile fish grow big. On the way back through the mangrove path we saw a few jellyfish lazily floating through the water.

After our tour we joined the rest of the group on main area of the island to enjoy the heavenly beach –  a dip in the sea  and a bite to eat at the restaurant – we had delicious stewed chicken rice and beans and coconut pie. Yum.

4 thoughts on “Belize Lifestyles Officially in Production

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Joe if you like I can out you in touch with a real estate agent. As for where to stay so many variables there that factor into it budget – location – transportation. Do you plan to rent a cart or would like to be within walking distance?

  2. Joe says:

    excited to watch. Libby and i have 2 trips planned to Belize- dec 11th -18th and then again feb 2-12th. We are really interested in realestate and learning more about the area for reason of investments and a place to move with the ability to make a living. Have done reading and some research but always looking for more advice on where to stay , where to look for investing and where to look to buy for settling in. We dont need to live in the richest area nor in the main city just looking for reasonable and near the ocean.
    Joe from Wisconsin

  3. tacogirl says:

    Great Drew will ge good to meet you all in person. Parties are on Sat the 30th here – see you ar Pedro’s.

    You will be able to see Belize Lifestyles on the net if you do not get CBS/WSEE there.

  4. Drew says:

    Can’t wait to see the Sanbore Caye pics and hoping the Belize Lifestyles will be something we can see here in Memphis. The girls from Memphis will be arriving on October 30th and we are ready for Halloween! We even have our costumes. We are assuming the Halloween parties in San Pedro are on Sunday the 31st. We certainly want to hit Pedros for the festivities. 15 more days…I’m doing the math for Laura cause she is swamped at work.

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