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Walter’s Party

Usually when someone rings the bell at Pedro’s Pizza it means everyone at the bar gets a drink – but last night was a special occasion so Pedro said in honor of Walter everyone was included.  That made Walter really happy and he made sure everyone had their drinks in hand before any toasting was done.

Something good to cheer about besides Walters birthday we were watching the rescue of the Chilean miners on the big screen was very exciting.

Don’t forget this Saturday is the next San Pedro Poker run starting at Pedro’s this time at 5:30 – to get more information and count yourself in check the San Pedro Poker Run facebook invitation.

Shout out to the tacogirl readers I at the party [did not get everyone’s names] – hope to see you at trivia Thurs night at Roadkill Bar.


  1. It was a fun time Nadia.

  2. That was SOOOOO FUN!! Thanks to everyone!!

  3. Love the pictures!! Thanks for posting Laurie!! Tell Walter that CJ and I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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